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7 Common Mistakes that do not harm your credit score

Knowing what errors hurt your credit score and what errors do not can give you peace of mind because your … [Read More...]

red flags in credit scores

5 Unknown Red Flags Hurting Your Credit Score

Most consumers believe paying bills on time means you will have a good credit score and under certain … [Read More...]


Debt Collector gets 14 Years in Prison for Identity Theft

Debt collector gets sentenced to 14 ½ years in federal prison for debt collector scams, stealing money, … [Read More...]


Why Credit Scores are Different for the 3 Major Credit Bureaus

[Read More...]


Fake Debt Collectors a Growing Problem

It seems the fleecing of consumers never ends. If consumers did not have enough to worry about, there is a … [Read More...]

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6 Tips to Rebuild Credit after Bankruptcy

Because a bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, it is extremely important to rebuild … [Read More...]


How to get a small business loan with no collateral

Traditional small business loans can translate into a long, drawn out, often cumbersome process. Small … [Read More...]


How to recover your credit score from late payments

Late payments wreak havoc on credit scores. Payment history is the largest factor of a credit score. The first … [Read More...]


Who can view your credit reports for legitimate purposes

Access to private financial information in consumer credit reports is increasing. Your private information is … [Read More...]


Will settling credit card debt impact credit scores

Question I am not late in any of my credit card payments and have never been in over 20 years. I have … [Read More...]


Why Credit Karma Score dropped when new account added

Question: Can a new credit card account drop a credit score by 40 points? I noticed my score dropped on Credit … [Read More...]

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5 Traits of Consumers with Perfect Credit Scores

If achieving the highest credit score possible is your goal or if you want to get as close to perfection as … [Read More...]

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Demystifying Credit Scores: 5 Factors that make a score

Credit scores can be a mystery. FICO is the most popular credit scoring model used by most banks and they do … [Read More...]


How to Dispute Collection Accounts on reports

An inaccurate or misleading collection account will lower your credit score. Either because of clerical errors … [Read More...]


How long does negative credit remain on reports

Having negative information on your credit reports can feel like a life sentence but there is a time limit to … [Read More...]


When a Charge-Off Helps Your Credit Score: What is the AAoA

A Charge-Off on a credit report can spell disaster for your credit score. Consumers may experience a decrease … [Read More...]

what are prosper loans

How to get a Prosper Loan

Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace which brings together borrowers and lenders, cutting out … [Read More...]


How to get your credit file ready for a mortgage loan

FICO generates the most widely used credit scores. These credit scores are based on credit reports from … [Read More...]


New version of FICO is better if you have paid collections

FICO is the largest credit scoring model used by 90% of lenders. Every few years FICO updates its scoring … [Read More...]


EWS can stop you from opening a bank account

If you have ever had trouble opening a bank account you are probably familiar with Chexsystems. But have you … [Read More...]

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8 Reasons You Cannot Ignore Bad Credit

As more companies use personal credit to make decisions about you, bad credit can no longer be ignored. In … [Read More...]

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Divorce can ruin your credit if ex-spouse pays late

Approximately 1 of 2 marriages ends in divorce, according to the most recent data from the Census Bureau. … [Read More...]


How Late Payments Impact Credit Scores

A late payment cannot be always be avoided. But unfortunately just one late payment has the potential to … [Read More...]


6 Strategies to Fix Your Credit Report

The main goal in fixing your credit report should be to remove negative information while adding positive … [Read More...]


No Chexsystems Banks: Open a New Account Today

Open a bank account at a No ChexSystems Bank and can get approved even if you have a ChexSystems record. … [Read More...]