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dangers of giving out social security number

Dangers of giving out your Social Security Number

It has become so common for consumers to simply hand over their Social Security number, without question, that … [Read More...]


4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Credit Counselor

You are not alone if you’re in debt. But if you’re debt is overwhelming, it may be time to seek help from a … [Read More...]


Homebuyer Debt-to-Income Ratios No. 1 Factor in Approval

A new survey by FICO, the most popular credit scoring system, says the top reason homebuyers get denied is due … [Read More...]


How the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) helps consumers

Consumer reporting agencies collect, maintain and sell information on millions of consumers. Consumer … [Read More...]

Approved mortgage application

Foreclosed FHA borrowers can purchase again in 12 months

The FHA Back to Work—Extenuating Circumstances Program announced in 2013 has been extended through Sept. 30, … [Read More...]

close or cut credit card account

3 Reasons to retain old credit accounts

Many consumers with older or inactive credit accounts sometimes close those accounts. If this is you, think … [Read More...]


Chase Bank Hack Leaves Customers Vulnerable to Phishing Scams

JPMorgan recently admitted a massive cyber attack affected more than 80 million customers' personal … [Read More...]


How to dispute a fraud notation on Early Warning Services

Question: I was placed in to EWS by bank of America. I sent a letter to ask that I be removed as I owe them … [Read More...]


Online Checking Accounts that do not use Chexsystems

Online banking is gaining in popularity. It is convenient, hassle-free and safe. Not having a bank account is … [Read More...]


Rent payments can be reported to credit bureaus for a fee

Nontraditional payment histories like rent and utilities can be reported to the credit bureaus for a fee. … [Read More...]


Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Student loans do not go away. And, in most instances, filing bankruptcy will not get rid of them. Besides … [Read More...]

what is rapid rescore credit files

Rapid Re-Score Negative Information in your Credit Files!

Give your credit scores a boost to get a mortgage loan by having errors corrected, balances updated or new … [Read More...]


Statute of Limitations on Credit Card and other Debt

Your debt may be uncollectible. Review your State's Statute of Limitations on how long you can be sued for an … [Read More...]


Cross-Collateralization Clause May Cause Car Repo

Credit unions work out great for many consumers. They offer many benefits traditional banks cannot compete … [Read More...]

3d credit score dice

What your credit score says about you to lenders

Like it or not your credit history and credit scores have become an integral part of everyday life. Whether … [Read More...]


Children make good targets for identity thieves: Keep them safe

Your child’s identity may be at risk. Unfortunately children make good targets for identity thieves because … [Read More...]


How to order credit reports from Experian, Equifax and Transunion

You have the right to see what credit information exists about you. Don't be in the dark when it comes to … [Read More...]


Tips to get a bad credit mortgage loan

As of September 2014, mortgage rates are still at record lows according to mortgage company Freddie Mac. The … [Read More...]


What happens when a debt collector threatens to sue

Question: So I have received a call and voicemail from an apparent paralegal saying they have received a civil … [Read More...]


6 Reasons you need a Credit Card: Debit Cards are not the Same

Consumers’ credit card borrowing dropped nearly $3 billion from August to September according to the Federal … [Read More...]

Bride Sitting By Fountain with Head on Grooms Shoulder

Should bad credit be a deal breaker to marriage?

I believe love conquers a multitude of things – even bad credit. But you have to be smart about it. If your … [Read More...]


How to successfully and calmly deal with Debt Collectors

The debt buying industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. You may not even have any outstanding debt; yet a … [Read More...]


7 Bad Actions that can get you reported to Chexsystems

Consumers in ChexSystems may not be aware what landed them in the consumer reporting agency. Chexsystems … [Read More...]


Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT Provides Down Payment Assistance

If you want to buy a home, but you don't have enough for a down payment, you may qualify for some down payment … [Read More...]

Low Credit Score

What to do when a deleted credit item is Re-inserted

Consumers who have successfully removed negative items from their credit files must continue to monitor their … [Read More...]