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How to Dispute Negative Credit due to Identity Theft

Question: I just discovered through Equifax that there appear to have been a credit and a charge account … [Read More...]

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Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies Must Provide Reports

Most consumers are aware of the three major credit reporting agencies. But Experian, Equifax and Transunion … [Read More...]


Paid Tax Liens can be Deleted from Credit Reports

Taxpayers with tax liens on credit reports should take advantage of the IRS' Fresh Start Program. Under the … [Read More...]


What hurts your credit score: 7 Top Score Killers

It is not a big mystery that some financial activity will drop your credit score more than other activity -- … [Read More...]


New FICO Score Factors Could Help Some but Hurt Others

FICO is testing a new scoring formula that will consider monthly bills like utilities, cable bills and … [Read More...]

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Foreclosed FHA borrowers can purchase again in 12 months

The FHA Back to Work—Extenuating Circumstances Program announced in 2013 has been extended through Sept. 30, … [Read More...]


Demystifying Credit Scores: 5 Factors that make a score

FICO scores can be a mystery. FICO is the most popular credit scoring model used by most banks and they do not … [Read More...]


EWS can stop you from opening a bank account

If you've ever had trouble opening a bank account you are probably familiar with Chexsystems. But have you … [Read More...]


Steps to take if an account has been Re-Aged

Re-aging is a very serious violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Re-aging credit accounts causes older … [Read More...]

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Re-Aging a credit account on credit reports is illegal

When you hear the term “Re-Aging” in the context of consumer credit two very different definitions exist. This … [Read More...]

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How to Improve Credit Scores for better interest rates

No matter where you are starting, a credit score of 599 or below or a credit score of 700 or above, the … [Read More...]

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3 Reasons to retain old credit accounts

Many consumers with older or inactive credit accounts sometimes close those accounts. If this is you, think … [Read More...]


Can Debt Collector Sue for a 14-year old Credit Card Debt

Question: I have a collection company threatening me with a lawsuit on a credit card account form 1998  they … [Read More...]


Bank of America helps homebuyers find down payment assistance

There are hundreds of millions of dollars available across the country through homebuyer programs. These … [Read More...]

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How to get a Credit Score of 800 & above

Credit scores range from 350-850. According to FICO, the most widely used credit scores among lenders, … [Read More...]


No Chexsystems Banks: Open a New Account Today

Open a bank account at a No ChexSystems Bank and can get approved even if you have a ChexSystems record. … [Read More...]

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Raise credit scores by using less of your available credit limit

One way to raise credit scores is by using less of your available credit. The amount owed on accounts … [Read More...]


How to pad your credit report if you have negative items

The effects of good credit go well beyond getting approved for a credit card or loan. Potential employers may … [Read More...]


Facts about credit card APR you should know

The APR is the annual percentage rate of interest charged to a credit card holder based on the total balance … [Read More...]


How student loans impact credit scores

The average Class of 2014 with student loan debt has $33,000 to pay back, earning them the distinction of the … [Read More...]


How to get your Experian FICO score for $1

Consumers typically have three FICO scores based on credit reports at the three major credit reporting … [Read More...]


5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ChexSystems

Most people know ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency just like the major credit bureaus, and the … [Read More...]

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5 Unknown Red Flags Hurting Your Credit Score

Most consumers believe paying bills on time means you will have a good credit score and under certain … [Read More...]


Bankruptcy can be an option for student loan debt

Contrary to popular belief student loan debt, in some cases, can be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings. It's … [Read More...]


Inquiries without a permissible purpose can be removed

Credit inquiries can remain on a credit report for 2 years. There are two types of credit inquiries - one … [Read More...]