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Secured Cards offer a simple and fast way to build credit

Whether you’re just starting out with little to no credit or need to re-establish a good credit history; … [Read More...]


Will a spouse’s bad credit affect your credit?

Marriage can be a beautiful experience but building a financial nest egg together is challenging when one … [Read More...]

how to establish a new credit history

How to build a credit history when you have no credit score

With no credit history, a secured credit card may be the only way to build a credit history as long as it is … [Read More...]


Has your credit report been pulled without a permissible purpose

Question: A recent solicitor ran my credit without my permission (hard inquiry), I only gave them the last 4 … [Read More...]


Paying off credit card debt may significantly raise credit scores

Assuming you do not have a ton of collection accounts, charge-offs, public records or late payments; high … [Read More...]

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Re-Aging a credit account on credit reports is illegal

When you hear the term “Re-Aging” in the context of consumer credit two very different definitions exist. This … [Read More...]


How to pad your credit report if you have negative items

The effects of good credit go well beyond getting approved for a credit card or loan. Potential employers may … [Read More...]


Insurers believe consumers with poor credit are also bad drivers

For years the insurance industry has been using credit scores as an excuse to charge consumers with poor … [Read More...]


Demystifying Credit Scores: 5 Factors that make a score

FICO scores can be a mystery. FICO is the most popular credit scoring model used by 90% of banks. While the … [Read More...]


Lower credit scores are not a deal breaker with VA Mortgage Loans

There are not many options for mortgage loans if you have low credit scores and no down payment. VA home loans … [Read More...]


4 Actions that cause low credit scores

Credit scores measure behavior in terms of how well you manage credit and debt. There are several components … [Read More...]


How to detect a fake debt collector posing as a law firm

Over the past few years, thousands of consumers across the country have been scammed by fake debt collectors – … [Read More...]


Best 10 Tips to Write a Credit Dispute Letter

The credit dispute letter can determine whether your dispute is taken seriously or thrown in the pile labeled … [Read More...]


How to remove outdated information from credit reports

Depending on the credit bureaus to automatically remove outdated information from credit reports is a mistake. … [Read More...]


Consumer complaints lead to Atlanta debt collector shut down

It’s good to know consumer complaints don’t go unheard. An Atlanta-area debt collector has been ordered to … [Read More...]

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Online Checking Accounts that do not use Chexsystems

Why Choose an Online Bank. Online banking is gaining in popularity. It is convenient, hassle-free and safe. … [Read More...]


Consumer complaints lead to Atlanta debt collector shut down

[Read More...]


5 Incredibly Simple Actions to Raise Credit Scores

You know raising your credit score will improve your financial outlook but taking action can be a challenge. … [Read More...]


How the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) helps consumers

Consumer reporting agencies collect, maintain and sell information on millions of consumers. Consumer … [Read More...]


7 ways to avoid being trapped into overdraft fees

Overdraft fees remain a huge revenue source for banks despite financial regulations. They are enormously … [Read More...]


Beware of Misleading Debt Elimination Schemes

The promise to wipe out your debt may seem like a dream come true as living debt free is the goal of many … [Read More...]


Changes to credit reports give consumers more protections

Low credit scores make it challenging to get basic services like renting an apartment, getting a cell phone … [Read More...]


How to Order a ChexSystems Report

Did you know a report is being kept on how you handle your bank accounts, including checking and … [Read More...]


7 Essential Facts about Charge-Off Accounts

One Charge-off account can take up to 150 points off an excellent credit score. The higher your score was to … [Read More...]


How to improve credit scores with a goodwill letter

Send a goodwill letter to your credit card issuer or lender to get negative items removed from your credit … [Read More...]