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6 Tips for Buying a Car with Bad Credit

If you're thinking about buying a car but have bad credit there are actions you can take to get the best deal. … [Read More...]

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What is the FCRA Compliance Date aka DOFD

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance Date determines how long some negative credit items such as … [Read More...]

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Why Secured Credit Cards May Have Higher Fees

Not all credit cards are created equal. The type of credit card you qualify for depends on your credit history … [Read More...]


How to Remove Old Debts from Credit Reports

Normally there would be no action to take in order to remove old debts from credit reports. Once the credit … [Read More...]

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How to get a Credit Score of 800 & above in 2014

Credit scores range from 350-850. According to FICO, the most widely used credit scores among banks and … [Read More...]


Can you go to jail for not repaying a payday loan

I got an interesting question from a consumer the other day regarding an unpaid payday loan. The consumer had … [Read More...]

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How to get your credit file ready for a mortgage loan

FICO generates the most widely used credit scores. These credit scores are based on credit reports from … [Read More...]

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FHA Loan Limits and Credit Score Requirements 2014

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is part of the United States Department of Housing and Urban … [Read More...]

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Understanding your credit reports and scores

A 2013 study by the Federal Trade Commission found that millions of Americans have serious errors on their … [Read More...]

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6 Strategies to Fix Your Credit Report

The main goal in fixing your credit report should be to remove negative information while adding positive … [Read More...]


Credit Card for Students with Cash Back Rewards

College students can enjoy a 5% Cashback Bonus in categories that change throughout the year like gas, … [Read More...]


What to do when a deleted credit item is Re-inserted

Consumers who have successfully removed negative items from their credit files must continue to monitor their … [Read More...]


FICO vs. FAKO: How to Get Real FICO Credit Scores

There may be multiple credit scoring systems but there is only one FICO score. The FICO score is the score … [Read More...]


How to rebuild credit after foreclosure

Question: I lost my house in Foreclosure, due to Wells Fargo's mortgage modification bs. Yes, I am a claimant … [Read More...]

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Rapid Re-Score Negative Information in your Credit Files!

Give your credit scores a boost to get a mortgage loan by having errors corrected, balances updated or new … [Read More...]


How to Dispute a Charge-off on Credit Reports

A charge-off on a credit report is detrimental to credit scores, especially if it is recent. But how accurate … [Read More...]


Types of Credit Cards to help Build Credit

Build a solid credit history with credit cards that build credit. Whether you need to build credit because you … [Read More...]


Ask for Reconsideration when a credit card application is denied

Did you know a credit card application decline is not necessarily the end of story? When you apply online for … [Read More...]


How to Raise your Credit Score Fast!

Sometimes you just do not have a lot of time to improve credit scores. You may be in the market for a … [Read More...]

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How students can Build Credit under New Rules

Some time ago in the not too distant past, students could apply for credit, be pursued by credit card … [Read More...]


What happens when you fail to answer a summons?

Question: I received a summons for an old account from a bank in Florida. I did not respond in the amount of … [Read More...]

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Demystifying Credit Scores: 5 Factors that make a score

Credit scores can be a mystery. FICO is the most popular credit scoring model used by most banks and they do … [Read More...]


5 Steps to Increase Credit Scores โ€“ No. 4 Did it for Me

When I purchased my first home credit scores were the furthest thing from my mind. I had saved a down payment … [Read More...]


FTC says Identity Theft remains top consumer complaint

Identity theft again leads the list of top consumer complaints in 2013. According to the Federal Trade … [Read More...]


6 Tips to Rebuild Credit after Bankruptcy

Because a bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, it is extremely important to rebuild … [Read More...]