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Alabama statute of limitations on debt

Alabama Debt Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations on debt in Alabama limits creditors and debt collectors from collecting a debt … [Read More...]


5 Incredibly Simple Actions to Raise Credit Scores

You know raising your credit score will improve your financial outlook but taking action can be a challenge. … [Read More...]

debt statute of limitations in alaska

Alaska Debt Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations on debt in Alaska limits creditors and debt collectors from collecting a debt after … [Read More...]

Arizona debt statute of limitations

Arizona Debt Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations on debt in Arizona limits creditors and debt collectors from collecting a debt … [Read More...]


How the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) helps consumers

Consumer reporting agencies collect, maintain and sell information on millions of consumers. Consumer … [Read More...]


7 ways to avoid being trapped into overdraft fees

Overdraft fees remain a huge revenue source for banks despite financial regulations. They are enormously … [Read More...]


Beware of Misleading Debt Elimination Schemes

The promise to wipe out your debt may seem like a dream come true as living debt free is the goal of many … [Read More...]


Changes to credit reports give consumers more protections

Low credit scores make it challenging to get basic services like renting an apartment, getting a cell phone … [Read More...]


How to Order a ChexSystems Report

Did you know a report is being kept on how you handle your bank accounts, including checking and … [Read More...]


7 Essential Facts about Charge-Off Accounts

One Charge-off account can take up to 150 points off an excellent credit score. The higher your score was to … [Read More...]


How to improve credit scores with a goodwill letter

Send a goodwill letter to your credit card issuer or lender to get negative items removed from your credit … [Read More...]

how to consolidate student loans and impact on credit scores

Student Loan Consolidation and impact on credit scores

Student loan debt has reached a staggering $1.16 trillion in outstanding balances. It is the only type of … [Read More...]

how to add positive credit

How to add positive credit to your credit reports

Consumers with bad credit often only concentrate on removing negative information while repairing credit. But … [Read More...]


Verizon and Sprint customers may be owed a refund

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been one of the most important government organizations to come … [Read More...]


7 Common Mistakes that do not harm your credit score

Nearly every financial aspect of your life can impact credit scores. Utility companies, banks, lenders as well … [Read More...]


6 Must Know Facts About Buying a Home

Buying a home will probably be the most exciting yet agonizing time of your life. The process should not scare … [Read More...]


6 tips to settle debt that has been repeatedly sold

Because debt collectors pay pennies on the dollar to buy your debt does not mean you can use that as an … [Read More...]


FICO vs. FAKO: How to Get Real FICO Credit Scores

There may be multiple credit scoring systems but there is only one FICO credit scoring system. The FICO score … [Read More...]


Debts discharged in bankruptcy can end up at collection agencies

When a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is discharged, all credit accounts included in the bankruptcy should be reported … [Read More...]


How to recover your credit score from late payments

Late payments wreak havoc on credit scores. Payment history is the largest factor of a credit score. The first … [Read More...]


Build a solid credit history with or without credit cards

According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau one in 10 adults or about 26 million … [Read More...]

Couple lying down with bills

Debt validation lets you question the validity of a debt

You can request that a debt collector verify the amount and validity of a debt they claim is owed by you. A … [Read More...]

what is rapid rescore credit files

Rapid Re-Score Negative Information in your Credit Files!

Give your credit scores a boost to get a mortgage loan by having errors corrected, balances updated or new … [Read More...]


How long does negative credit remain on reports

Having negative information on your credit reports can feel like a life sentence but there is a time limit to … [Read More...]


No Credit Check Secured Visa Credit Card

It would seem simple to get a secured credit card when you need to build credit. Secured credit cards require … [Read More...]