Avant Credit: Loans for Imperfect Credit


Avant Credit is a nationwide online lender that provides personal loans to consumers with less than perfect credit. Banks are not lending to people with average, poor or bad credit. Avant Credit is not a payday lender. It is a real lender catering to the people banks have neglected.

The loan process is made simple with a 15 minute application. Applicants get an answer within 24 hours. You can apply without affecting your FICO credit score. Once approved loan funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Loan amounts range from $1,000 up to $20,000 with repayment terms up to 36 months. If you choose to repay your loan earlier, there are no prepayment penalties or fees. There is no need to travel to an office to complete the process, it is done completely online.

At a Glance

All Credit Types Welcome

Avant Credit is for people who do not have many financial options. People who have been told ‘no’ too many times by banks and credit card companies may find Avant Credit as a good option for a personal loan.

About Avant Credit

Avant Credit is an installment loan offering a repayment schedule to fit your needs. Repaying early will not incur a pre-payment penalty or fees.

Not a Payday Loan

Avant Credit guaranteed low-cost loans have very flexible payment terms and are a cheaper solution than a payday loan.

Build Credit

Build your credit history with on-time payments. Payments are reported to the major credit bureaus, enabling customers to demonstrate positive credit management.

Why Avant Credit

For those without access to mainstream credit, Avant Credit is a better loan option and can help customers avoid the payday loan cycle.

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  1. SharonJay24 says:

    My experience was good am a satisfied customer. My credit is okay with some baddies. It only took me around 10 minutes to fill out application. Be prepared to have your bank account verified.

  2. Fantasyfbnut says:

    Reasonable repayment terms but why the high interest rate. Of course I took the loan offer because I really needed it and my credit union flat out denied me. Thank you Avant but I will be paying this off come income tax return.

  3. TopTeacher13 says:

    Just finished paying off my credit cards, thanks Avant Credit. Easy application and approval took about 2 days to get the money deposited. Would use again.

  4. I applied and to my surprise the approval came the same day. Not sure if I agree with the interest rate but since I plan to pay it off early it does not matter. The good thing is I was approved for $4000 that I asked for and the money was in my account the next day. Would definitely recommend but pay off early to avoid high interest rate. My credit score is around 616.

  5. twerkitteam says:

    Thought it was a joke when they offered 59% interest. It wasn’t. My credit may be bad but it’s not that bad.

  6. Needed quick money for emergency but credit is a little shaky. Avant came through for me but be prepared to answer questions, they actually called me. Turned out okay, rep was nice but not approved for what i requested. Hope this loan showing on credit helps my scores.

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