Business Credit Card for Bad Credit

Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and even established small business owners with bad credit often have a hard time finding a business credit card for bad credit. The Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card is designed for people with bad credit. The minimum credit score needed is 500. Consumers without a business can also apply for this credit card.




Branding is Everything

Just by having your name on the credit card, you get free advertising and help to brand your business. This bad credit business card even comes with free auto rental insurance and purchase security protection.

Easily keep track of business expenses; and more importantly, keep your business and personal expenses separate by using a business credit card.


Who Can Get Approved

Startup businesses, e-businesses, sole-proprietors, part-time business owners and more will find this credit card to be a good option if you have bad credit. edit.

Even if you are a consumer without a business, but have bad credit you can also apply for this business credit card by simply using your name as the business name. This is exactly what sole-proprietors do when applying for credit.




Terms & Conditions

Let’s be clear, this is an expensive card to own. But when you have bad credit there are few options for unsecured business credit cards. Some banks will even deny you for secured business cards when your credit scores are low. For a complete list of fees, costs and charges you must read the complete terms and conditions. Here is a quick look at the fees associated with the card:

  • Account origination fee is $125.
  • Monthly maintenance fee is $9.95 per month.
  • APR is a variable rate of 23.99 percent on purchases.
  • There is no grace period. Interest starts to accrue at time of purchase.
  • Cash advance has a 5 percent fee.


How to Best Manage the Card
The important thing is to know what you are getting upfront so there are no surprises. The Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card is for business owners and consumers with bad credit. When you have bad credit you will not get the best of terms and conditions for almost any credit card. The good news is that this card will grow with you once you establish a good payment history.

Here is how to best manage the Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card:

  1. Always pay on-time. Use the card and then pay it off every month.
  2. Make payments as often as possible to minimize the amount of interest you will be paying.
  3. The card reports to Experian and Transunion as a “Business Credit Card” which will help you build business credit.
  4. Once your credit score improves apply for a business credit card with better terms.


Highlights of the Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card

  • Turn Your Hobby or Interest into a Business
  • Bad Credit? No Problem! Easy Approval!! Complete Your Application in Less Than 60 Seconds!
  • Separate Your Business Expenses for Tax Purposes
  • Perfect for Sole Proprietors and Entrepreneurs
  • No Security Deposit Required
  • Just Starting Your Business? Let Us Help You Grow!

This card is available to non-business owners too.

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