How to Order a ChexSystems Report and Get a New Account

how to order chexsystems report

Did you know a report is being kept on how you handle your bank accounts, including checking and savings? ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency that maintains a massive database on all consumers that have bank accounts. You should know … [Read more...]

How to dispute information in Chexsystems

how to dispute ChexSystems

Chexsystems is a consumer reporting agency just like Experian, Transunion and Equifax. This means consumers have the right to dispute any information contained in a ChexSystems Consumer Report. ChexSystems is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting … [Read more...]

EWS can stop you from opening a bank account


If you have ever had trouble opening a bank account you are probably familiar with Chexsystems. But have you heard of EWS? Consumers have more than enough private companies as well as government agencies keeping tabs on them. Now the banking … [Read more...]

What is your ChexSystems Consumer Score?

Chexsystems Consumer Score

What’s your Chexsystems Consumer Score? More importantly, did you know you had a Chexsystems Consumer Score? ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency just like Experian, Equifax and Transunion. And, just like the three major consumer reporting … [Read more...]

What is Telecheck


Ever had a check denied at the cash register? If so, you may be in the Telecheck system for a transaction you are unaware of causing Telecheck to deny your check. Telecheck is a consumer reporting agency that collects, maintains and reports … [Read more...]

7 Bad Habits that can get you reported to Chexsystems


Consumers in ChexSystems may not be aware what landed them in the consumer reporting agency. Chexsystems records remain in consumer files for five years. Although negative information in Chexsystems can be disputed, there is no guarantee the … [Read more...]

Prepaid Cards as an Alternative to a Checking Account

prepaid cards

A prepaid visa or mastercard can be used for direct deposit, bill payment and even ATM withdrawals. Prepaid cards also offer the convenience of a credit card without a credit check. In the event you find yourself with no bank or credit union … [Read more...]

How to Dispute Telecheck

how to dispute telecheck

Question: Yesterday I had tried to make a payment to my sprint account using a check, which I normally do not do, and it was declined. They gave me a receipt, and a phone number with a seven digit code. I called the number, it was all automated, and … [Read more...]

How to Dispute a Fraud Notation in ChexSystems

bank account closed for fraud

Question: I want to know what I can do to remove my information from Chexsystems if I was reported to Chexsystems for fraud. Answer: You will need to dispute the fraud notation. There are several strategies you can try: 1. Dispute with … [Read more...]

8 Reasons your Check may have been Denied by Telecheck

reasons why telecheck denied your check

Question: I have tried to buy groceries 3 times and been turned down 3 times by Telecheck. I called Telecheck from my bank they, said write smaller checks. I did once and that was turned down. I am so frustrated. What can I do to get a check through … [Read more...]