Personal Loan: Help Rebuild Credit History


A personal loan for people with less than perfect credit can help rebuild credit history with on-time payments reported to the credit bureaus.

Borrow up to $35,000
If you can’t get a bank loan due to less-than-perfect credit, you can still borrow up to $35,000 with up to 5 years to repay. Choose your terms and if you like, repay the loan early without incurring any pre-payment penalty fees.

Good Credit is Not Needed
Unlike banks where good credit is needed to qualify, less-than-perfect credit can qualify. The minimum credit score required for loan consideration is 560. People with problem credit have few choices for personal loans but having imperfect credit does not mean you cannot repay a loan. You just need a chance to prove you can manage credit successfully. Thousands of people have qualified for this loan.

Fixed Interest Rates
Interest rates are slightly higher than a traditional bank but with imperfect credit options are limited. Rates are very affordable compared to other lenders (payday lenders) that cater to less-than-perfect credit. Depending on credit history interest rates range from 9.95% to 36.00%. (NY Residents rates range from 19.00% to 24.99%).

How Rates are Determined
Loans are ranked by letters A through E. An “A” letter loan requires a minimum credit score of 720. An “E” letter loan requires a minimum credit score of 560. As with most credit products, the better your credit score, the lower your interest rate. Interest rates range according your credit score from 9.95% being the lowest and up to 36.00% being the highest.

Even though consumers with imperfect credit scores can expect to pay a higher interest rate, the highest interest rate is still a lot lower than other loan companies.

  • For loans up to $35,000 a minimum 680 credit score is needed
  • For loans up to $25,000 a minimum 610 credit score is needed
  • For loans up to $20,000 a minimum 560 credit score is needed

There are not many lenders that offer loans, up to $20,000 for a credit score of 560.

Super Fast Approval
If you apply online today, you can have your money as soon as the next business day, so you can focus on the things that really matter. The automated online system can issue a personal loan offer in real time that means you can apply and get approved 24 hours a day.

Get Qualified
As soon as you submit your application, you’ll get an instant decision on your eligibility and what loan amount you qualify for. There is no impact to your FICO score. It is a soft pull on your Transunion credit report.

Confirm Loan Amount
Once approved, you’ll select the loan amount that’s right for you and accept the terms of your loan agreement.

Pay back your loan in installments a little at a time or repay in full at any time before the loan term is up. There are no pre-payment fees. Choose convenient automatic payment options so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your due dates.

Build Credit History
Payment activity is reported to Transunion and Experian credit bureaus. Full and on-time payments toward your loan will help you build your credit history.


  1. smoothsail says:

    Too bad for those did not get what they wanted. All I know is I applied for loan when no other company would give me one and was approved with funds in my account the next day. Thank you Avant

  2. Anonymous says:

    My experience was not good at all. I was not approved for the amount I asked for and when I called to ask why the customer service could not explain to me why the loan amount was reduced. They should hire more competent people and not offer one amount then lower the amount. I would not recommend this company.

  3. application was quick and easy with about 2 days wait for loan to show up in my account – would use again

  4. Fast personal loan. Beware the APR might be high, at least mine was. The 35% apr kind of surprised me. I needed money fast so I didn’t have time to shop around but you might want to.

  5. Ran into trouble with home renovations and the bank refused to give me more money. Avant was quick, was approved for $35,000 at 9.95% with credit scores around 710. Of course I will pay off early. I recommend Avant, customer service was professional too.

  6. I received an email approval a short time after filling out the application. The funds were in my bank the very next morning. Thanks Avant!!

  7. Melissa says:

    If you dont mind high interest Avant is great!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I saw this loan on this website and was skeptical that my credit (needs improvement) could qualify. Got the loan in about 2 days after spending about 10 minutes filling out the application. My apr was right around 35% and I do plan to payoff fast so I will be paying that kind of interest. Definitely worth checking out.

  9. VannaBlack says:

    The loan application was all done online. Recieved money in my account in 2 days. I would recommend them because the process was really easy.

  10. IreneWilliams says:

    My experience with this company was wonderful. My credit union I been a customer at for 25 years turned me down. Avant came through for me. I would recommend but if your credit is like mines is around 605 the interest rate is gonna be high. But they still came through for me and glad to pay a little more. Thaanks Avant!

  11. JoryRebuild says:

    The process was easy, fast decision and funding took 3 days

  12. great company and no hassle thanks

  13. TopTeacher13 says:

    Just finished paying off my credit cards, thanks Avant. Easy application and approval took about 2 days to get the money deposited. Would use again.

  14. SharonJay24 says:

    My experience was good am a satisfied customer. My credit is okay with some baddies. It only took me around 10 minutes to fill out application. Be prepared to have your bank account verified.

  15. Fantasyfbnut says:

    Reasonable repayment terms but why the high interest rate. Of course I took the loan offer because I really needed it and my credit union flat out denied me. Thank you Avant but I will be paying this off come income tax return.

  16. I applied and to my surprise the approval came the same day. Not sure if I agree with the interest rate but since I plan to pay it off early it does not matter. The good thing is I was approved for $4000 that I asked for and the money was in my account the next day. Would definitely recommend but pay off early to avoid high interest rate. My credit score is around 616.

  17. twerkitteam says:

    Thought it was a joke when they offered 39% interest. It wasn’t. My credit may be bad but it’s not that bad.

  18. Needed quick money for emergency but credit is a little shaky. Avant came through for me but be prepared to answer questions, they actually called me. Turned out okay, rep was nice but not approved for what i requested. Hope this loan showing on credit helps my scores.

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