Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit or Fair Credit


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Rebuild Credit with Secured Credit Cards


Benefits of Secured Credit Cards   Rebuild credit with secured credit cards. Secured credit can help you rebuild credit and get you on track to a good credit score. Credit cards, if managed well, can be a great way to build a solid credit … [Read more...]

Authorized User Credit remains a part of FICO 8

Mid-adult Caucasian woman giving man piggyback ride on beach.

In 2007 there was a lot of talk about the end of authorized user credit also known as piggyback credit, as a means to boost credit scores. The benefits of becoming an authorized user is the primary account holder's credit can improve the authorized … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Fico Scores


Fair, Isaac & Co. generates FICO scores used by the majority of financial institutions. A credit score is the measure of a consumer’s financial well-being and creditworthiness. However the FICO score can be a source of confusion for consumers, … [Read more...]

Piggyback Secured Credit Cards to Raise Credit Scores


Secured credit is an excellent way to rebuild credit, improve credit scores and help you learn how to manage credit and debt. Secured credit cards are issued by credit card companies, banks and credit unions. The credit card is secured by a … [Read more...]

Rebuild credit with easy approval retail cards


When rebuilding or establishing good credit it is important to exercise as many options as possible. Easy to get retail credit cards to rebuild credit is an excellent way to establish good credit and improve scores. Seek easy to get retail credit … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Approved for Credit Cards and Loans

how to get approved for credit cards

Take the stress out of applying for credit by knowing how to get approved for credit and where to apply for credit if your credit scores are less than perfect. Typically, even low credit score consumers can get approved for credit but; the terms … [Read more...]

How to Re-establish Credit: 4 Tips to a great score

tips to reestablish credit

Bad credit does not have to be a life sentence. Credit history has become an integral part of everyday life, it is just about impossible to avoid. A major component to rebuilding credit history is to re-establish credit. Re-establishing credit … [Read more...]

How to improve credit scores with a goodwill letter


Send a goodwill letter to your credit card issuer or lender to get negative items removed from your credit reports. A goodwill letter can be written requesting a deletion of one or several late payments. One late payment can result in credit … [Read more...]

Types of secured credit

secured credit can rebuild credit history

Getting a secured loan can help improve your credit score if managed wisely. Secured loans are loans granted based upon some collateral. That collateral could be your savings account, certificate of deposits, stocks, bonds, automobile, jewelry, … [Read more...]