No Chexsystems Banks: Open a New Account Today

Open a bank account at a No ChexSystems Bank and can get approved even if you have a ChexSystems record. Living without a bank account is inconvenient and costly. Check cashing fees add up over time and not having a place to grow your money prohibits wealth building.

No Chexsystems banks do not use Chexsystems to open accounts but they may run a credit report, use EWS or Telecheck. A No Chexsystems bank may also have a Second Chance Account allowing consumers with Chexsystems records to open accounts.

No ChexSystems Banks in 2015

TD Ameritrade Online Cash Services
TD Ameritrade is a brokerage firm. They offer a checking account that comes with checks, a Visa® debit card and free checking. TD Ameritrade does not use ChexSystems or EWS. You must open a brokerage account first and during the opening process, you will be asked if you are interested in having checks and a debit card. Once the brokerage account is open go to My Account > Online Cash Services > Checks/Debit Card and then click the “Sign up Now” Button. There will be a 1-page “Checks/Debit Card Application” that you’ll need to sign and fax or mail to TD Ameritrade. They must have your signature on-file. You can set up online bill pay and direct deposit. No minimum deposit required to open. Open a new account today.

Scottrade (Over 500 branches Nationwide)
Scottrade is a brokerage firm and they also operate a Bank that DOES NOT use ChexSystems or EWS. To open a Scottrade Checking Account you must first open an Individual Brokerage Account. It takes about 10 minutes. Once the brokerage account is open you do not have to fund it right away. A money order, cashier’s check, payroll, personal or credit card check can be mailed or taken to a branch office. The minimum brokerage account deposit is $500 but it can be transferred to open the Checking Account. Scottrade has free checking, direct deposit, mobile banking, free bill pay and ATM fee reimbursement. Open a New Account.

Discover Online Savings Account
Discover Online Savings Account has been added to the list. While Discover uses ChexSystems, lately people have been sharing their success with opening a Discover Savings account even while in ChexSystems. There are several great features with the Discover Savings Account like mobile check deposits and no monthly fee. It also pays .95% which is 5x the national average. Discover Bank has a checking account but you must have a Discover Savings account in order to apply. The Discover Cashback Rewards Checking earns account holders .10 cents cashback on transactions. Discover Savings requires an initial deposit of $500 but you do not have to maintain the deposit once the account is open. Apply today.

USAA Free Checking
USAA does not use ChexSystems, however they do use EWS. USAA primarily serves the military but non-military may be eligible too. Former military members (retired or veteran) which includes the Guard or Reserves are eligible. Non-military can join if a spouse has honorably served or if a parent currently has or had a USAA account. USAA hands down is a great full-service bank offering products from credit cards for rebuild credit to renter’s insurance. USAA free checking offers ATM reimbursement, mobile deposits and check deposits at your local UPS Store. The minimum to open an account is $25. See if you are eligible.

Fort Sill National Bank
Fort Sill National Bank (FSNB) is open to anyone — you do not have to be in the military. FSNB does not use ChexSystems. If you are interested in direct deposit, this may be a good account for you because FSNB may not be located in your state. In order to open an account from any location call their new accounts department at (800) 749-4583 and an application will be mailed to you.

Navy Federal Credit Union
Navy Federal does not use ChexSystems or EWS to open a bank account but there are strict requirements to become a member. Membership is open if you are affiliated with the Armed Forces, DoD, Coast Guard or National Guard. This includes Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard regular Active Duty and reservists, and Army and Air National Guard personnel. Active duty and Retired military are eligible but unfortunately Veterans are not. DoD civilian employees and contractors assigned to U.S. Government Installations may be eligible.

1st Convenience Bank
This bank is only located in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. They do not run Chexsystems, Telecheck, or EWS. Several checking account options are available but there is a $12 monthly maintenance fee if certain conditions are not met such as maintaining a minimum daily balance. All checking account options only require $1.00 to open.

Renasant Bank
This bank is only located in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. You can have a Chexsystems, Telecheck or EWS record but there must not be any money owed to Renasant Bank. Checking accounts offer free online bill pay along with mobile banking. You can apply online.

Suntrust Bank
Suntrust Bank offers several types of checking accounts, all of which include online banking, mobile banking, overdraft services, direct deposit, online bill pay and a SunTrust MasterCard® Check Card. While Suntrust maintains they do not use ChexSystems, some consumers have reported otherwise. It may be best to apply over the telephone or through their online chat service; and, complete the process in full through the mail.

This bank is not available in all states. TCFBank has 436 branches in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona and South Dakota. This bank offers several checking accounts to choose from and a business checking account. They will open an account for consumers in Chexsystems but you must not owe any money to TCFBank. Consumers with an EWS record may be denied.

United Bank
This bank is not available in all states. Branch locations are located in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. They do not run Chexsystems. Several checking account options are available but there is a $50 minimum deposit required for all checking account options.

Washington Savings Bank
The Rewards Card Checking requires direct deposit of payroll or government benefit. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95. They do run ChexSystems but have less stringent requirements. Fraud should not be indicated. Customers enjoy no overdraft fees, a checkbook, Mastercard® debit card and free nationwide ATM access through the Allpoint® 55,000 ATMs Network!

Capital One 360 Checking Account
Capital One 360 used to be the go to bank that did not use ChexSystems. Unfortunately that policy has changed. Capital One 360 will “soft pull” your Equifax credit report along with a ChexSystems and EWS report. Capital One 360 will not deny your application solely based on a negative ChexSystems report unless fraud is indicated. It’s still on the list because some consumers have reported being offered a Capital One 360 Savings account when they do not qualify for a checking account. No minimum deposit is required to open a checking or savings but they do require you have an existing bank account to make your first deposit electronically. Apply today.

Bank Sweeps

Banks will sometimes conduct ChexSystems Sweeps on existing customers and close accounts without warning even if your account is in good standing. It can take up to 30 days to get your money out of a frozen account. Never have all your money in one bank. TD Ameritrade Cash Management Account has an Online Cash Services account that can serve as a back-up account if you have unpaid items in ChexSystems. With current negatives in ChexSystems, keep a non-ChexSystems account as a backup. If you have direct deposit you may want to split it. That way if your primary account is frozen or closed you still have access to a portion of your paycheck.

Second Chance Checking

BBVA Compass
Offers a second chance checking account where you get a visa debit card, unlimited check writing and no minimum balance required. The monthly service charge is $13.95 and the minimum opening deposit is $25. You must NOT have an EWS record.

Peoples Cash Solutions offers a Second Chance Checking Account for consumers who have been reported to ChexSystems or TeleCheck. There must be no fraud activity reported in ChexSystems. Bad credit and even bankruptcy are okay.

US Bank
Try the in-store branches and take proper identification along with a utility bill showing your address. Consumers using in-store branches have experienced success in opening checking accounts while in Chexsystems.

Woodforest Bank
This bank is not available in all states; however, they do have an account called “Second Chance Checking. It comes with unlimited check writing and a debit mastercard. You must go inside a branch in order to open this second chance checking account.

Wells Fargo – Opportunity Checking
This is a traditional checking account with a visa debit card and checks; however, it comes with some restrictions. This account will definitely help you stay within your budget. Deposits cannot be made through the ATM and you may not be able to get cash back immediately upon depositing a check. Once you remain in good standing for some time, Wells Fargo may offer you an upgrade to a regular checking account, with less restrictions.

Fund an Account or Verify Small Deposits

If you are opening an account online but do not have a way to fund it instantly with another account or credit card, most online accounts can be funded with a prepaid debit card with the Visa® or MasterCard® logo. Or, use PayPal® to add money to your bank account. It’s fairly simple and with PayPal® your account can be funded in 2-3 days.

Safe Check Ordering

Consumers who have been reported to ChexSystems, whether the item is paid or unpaid, should be careful when ordering checks. Ordering checks from well known companies such as Deluxe, Designer Checks, Checks Unlimited and Current Checks may not be safe. These companies share your personal information with ChexSystems. ChexSystems will then report your ChexSystems record to your current bank.

Order checks from companies that do not share your personal information with ChexSystems such as Costco Check Printing, Checkworks or Harland Clarke. Ordering checks from companies that share your information with Chexsystems may end up getting your current bank account closed, even if your checking account is in good standing.

Chexsystems is a consumer reporting agency which means inaccurate information can be disputed if you are unable to find a No-ChexSystems bank.


  1. Thanks for the Discover Savings tip. My chexsystems entries are a couple years old but they are still unpaid. Discover opened the account with no problem. I will manage this account a lot better, I leaned my lesson the hard way by not having a bank account for several years.

  2. My mom is moving to Bowling Green, KY and was denied an account. Could you suggest any banks in the area?

  3. I am on chexsystems because of scammer. I would really like to open a bank account. I have tried my local credit union and banks but was denied. Is there any other option for me? I live in Pittsburgh, PA

  4. how can I open acct in Birmingham, AL? I have had trouble with chex system(score 483) and with EWS and need to open acct to restart my financial goals and get on the right track with things and paying old bank debts off.

  5. Terrance Williams says:

    Thank you for all of this information Lisa. I opened an account with SunTrust today! They will even add $150 after 60 days thanks do my direct deposit!

  6. Hi

    Do you know of any specific good banks or credit unions in Charleston, SC that dont use CheckSystems?

  7. Candy Nelson says:

    Hi Lisa. I am in Oklahoma City. I was wondering do you know of any banks here that do not use chexsystems. Im from Maryland and have some marks there so everyone here keeps denying me. I recently got a OKC license to see if that would help but still no go.

    Also, this maybe a stupid question but Im a little confused about online banking. Sometimes it seems that you already have to have a regular bank account to be able to use one of the regular one’s like Capital One 360 but other times it seems like people have Capital One 360 without having any other bank account. Do you need to have one first or can you just get online accounts and that be it? I was interested in Capital One 360 and Ally. Thanks

    • You should be careful in applying at several banks. It may cause your ChexSystems report to have several recent inquiries which then becomes a reason why a bank may deny you. Oklahoma Employees Credit Union may be a good fit for you. They have a “Fresh Start Checking Account” but there is a monthly fee of $9.95. You must work, live or worship in Canadian, Grady, Cleveland, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Oklahoma or Pottawatomie County areas in order to qualify. Find more Oklahoma second chance banks here.

      As far as online banks, it really depends on that bank’s policy. As you stated Capital One 360 Online requires you have an external account linked in order to make the initial opening deposit but you do not have to maintain that external account once the Cap One 360 is open. Scottrade Online Bank does not require you have an existing account.

  8. Any options in San Antonio, Texas. I applied for a first convenience account online and was denied.

  9. I successfully opened a Renasant Bank account online today. Do you think there is a chance they will close it? I had this problem with Suntrust with my account on EWS being the problem.

    • I really cannot say for sure but I think you’ll be okay. As long as you don’t owe Renasant Bank. You might want to wait 30 days if you are planning to set up direct deposit.

  10. Robert glover says:

    I stay in Nebraska i have searched hard and years ago i had accounts with some of the banks. I dont have no car so no luck for face to face. Do you have any ideas where i can go to get a account?

  11. How long can EWS and Chexsystems keep you in their system?

  12. I am on chexsystems and would really like to open a bank account. I have tried my local credit union but was denied. Is there any other option for me? I live in Mass – is Discover a good one?

    • Washington Savings Bank is located in Lowell, MA but you can open an account online. They offer a Rewards Card Checking that requires direct deposit of payroll or government benefit. Lately I’ve received several comments from people who have been able to open a Discover Savings account even with a ChexSystems record. Discover requires a $500 minimum opening deposit but you do not have to maintain that $500 deposit once the account is opened. But the best part of Discover is their Cashback Checking account. You have to first open the Discover Savings in order to apply for the Discover Cashback Checking. Customers can earn .10 cents cashback on debit transactions, online bill payments and cleared checks up to 100 transactions per month!

  13. Can you recommend a bank in Jacksonville FL. I need a checking account and will not be able to get an account banks that use chexsystems or a credit report? I actually don’t even mind an online bank. I just don’t want enormous monthly fee’s. Thank you.

    • The only bank I know of in Jacksonville is Jax Federal Credit Union (JAXFCU). You can join JAXFCU if you live, learn, work or worship in the following Northeast Florida counties: Duval, Clay, Baker, St. Johns or Nassau. They have a Fresh Start Account that gives members an opportunity to open a checking account, even if they’ve had trouble in the past. There is a $5.00 monthly fee for the Fresh Start Checking Account but it can be waived if you have a $300 monthly direct deposit. It also comes with a Visa debit card and there is no opening or minimum balance required. Online options are listed here.

      • Lisa your awesome wow!!! I just have a question I opened the TD Ameritrade account but I owe the regular TD Bank money they said they are separate companies but will they link me?
        Also can you tell me anything about Center State Bank in FL. I am located in FL. Thank you

  14. Shannon says:

    So i applied for an account at Bank of America in 2013. It was opened but closed quickly after due to me being on Chex Systems. The reported me to Early Warnings when I had made NO TRANSACTIONS with them. (i found out shortly after when trying to get an acct at suntrust) How do I get this removed? I tried contacting Bank of America they keep saying no we didnt report you to Early Warnings we closed due to ChexSystem report. But thats not true Early Warnings states differently. Also can you please give me insight on how to apply for Scottrade? Thanks for all your help with everyone that has had problems that were unintentional in their past.

    • Well technically if Bank of America is saying they did not report you to EWS then when you dispute the entry with EWS it should not come back verified. This is what I would do:

      1. Contact Bank of America again and ask them for a letter stating just what they told you.

      2. Order your EWS report to review what’s being reported and who reported it. Dispute the entry reported by Bank of America as inaccurate and send the proof provided by Bank of America stating they did not report you to EWS.

      3. If that does not work make a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about EWS reporting inaccurate information and your state Attorney General’s office.

      Lastly you can review the EWS entry for information you can dispute such the status is incorrect and/or no close date on the account. Having a close date is important in determining the length of time an entry remains on your file. Find any inaccurate information and request they delete the entry as the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires them to report only accurate information.

      As for Scottrade Bank they are a solid FDIC-Insured Bank with several products including checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts. They can definitely be used as your primary bank online and with branch locations throughout the nation. Deposits can even be mailed into to Scottrade along with ACH transfers. Their customer service team is friendly and once approved you get checks and a debit card within 7 business days. I really like that Scottrade reimburses ATM fees (any ATM in the country) at the end of the month.

  15. Hi Do you know if ScottTrade uses EWS?

  16. Which one has little to no monthly charge?? I just to be able to pay bills online. Thanks!

  17. Thanks so much for the list of banks. I currently have 2 Chexsystems items reporting that are unpaid but was able to get a second chance account with my credit union a few months ago. I wanted a back-up account but did not know where to go. I would have never tried to open a Discover savings had I not seen other people on this page say they got approved.

  18. Can I use an Ameritrade as a business account. I live in NYC have a ChexSystems issue, Trying to get my business opened and need an account. Chase, Citibank, NYCB, and TD Bank, denied me due to this issue. I really need to get an account opened ASAP, I have a lot of invoices to process and I can’t until I have an account. Thank you

    • You cannot use the TD Ameritrade individual account as a business account. TD Ameritrade does offer specialty brokerage accounts. A Sole Proprietorship account can be established for a non-incorporated, single-owner business. With this type of account, the owner and the owner’s company are considered a single entity for tax and liability purposes. On the application when it asks “What type of account do you want to open?” you have to choose the tab “Business/Trusts” in order to open a TD Ameritrade Sole Proprietorship account.

      Be careful with multiple new account inquiries. Too many will trigger a denial even with a non-ChexSystems bank. Before applying at another bank or credit union call first to inquire about their account opening process, i.e., do they pull a credit report or use ChexSystems. Most banks don’t mind telling you their qualifications for a new account.

      You might want to try a credit union like Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union or Alternatives Federal Credit Union for a business savings account. Sometimes it’s easier to open a business savings only at a credit union. Some credit unions do not use ChexSystems when you open a savings accounts. But it’s best to call before attempting to open a new account.

      The best option for getting a business account when you have multiple ChexSystems records is to form an LLC for your business. An LLC would make your business a separate entity that would only call for the business tax identification number to be run through ChexSystems and not the signer.

      • I have just incorporated as an S-Corp. I have 1 ChexSystems report on my personal SS# and I am having a really hard time getting a business account

        • It is best to call banks ahead of time to ask what they require to open a Business Checking Account. Specifically do they run ChexSystems on the Business Tax Identification number or the signer’s Social Security number or both. That way you won’t waste a lot of time applying just to get denied. Here are a few banks that have been known not to use ChexSystems on the signer of Business Accounts:

          1. Citizens Bank offers several Business Checking Accounts and they do not require signers to be run through ChexSystems. Your business Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be used to open an account.

          2. Woodforest Bank has a Second Chance Business Checking Account.

          3. Bank of America seems to be hit or miss when it comes to Business Checking Accounts. Some business owners in ChexSystems said they had no problem opening a Business Checking Account with only their Incorporation documents and EIN – others say they were denied based on a personal bank account ChexSystems record.

          Again, you’ll have to do some calling ahead of time because different branches may have different requirements. I believe I listed a few credit unions that may open a Business Checking Account. I suggest you look into them because credit unions can often offer more personalized, friendly services that can help grow your business.

  19. Valerie says:

    Hi, im in LA California & am in chex systems. I’m thinking its been about 3-4 years since I was reported but no one will give me an account. Do you an updated list of banks here that will aloow me to open an account?

  20. You might want to add Discover Bank to the list. I dont know if they use chexsystems but I have several chex records and I was able to open an account with them today.

  21. Marquis says:

    Hey, How are you? I’ve been reported to EWS and Chexsystems. It’s been really hard to open up an account with any bank. I haven’t tried any of the above listed banks but I will give it a shot, I’m just scared that any bank I do business with may close my account. Is there any way of knowing before even opening the account and would you happen to know of any banks off hand besides the ones that are listed that will approve you even though you have been reported to both EWS and Chexsystems. You know it sucks to have to always be turned down due to challenging credit or a poor banking history. Please help

    • The only thing I can suggest is for you to take action. And by that I mean open an account, keep it in good standing, don’t bounce checks, don’t create overdrafts, don’t deposit checks that bounce or engage in any behavior that would bring attention to your new account. There are some banks that will open an account for you but later, when their Loss Prevention runs a check on the new account, it can be closed. Or, if you have a mishap early when you first open an account, the bank may close it. Until the ChexSystems and EWS record is clear you should only concentrate on banks that do not use ChexSystems or EWS like 1st Convenience Bank or banks that offer second chance checking like Woodforest Bank. Both of these banks require an in-person visit to the branch to open a new account. Another option would be to open an account online with a bank like Scottrade Bank. You can open an account online and they have 500 branches nationwide. Good luck to you!

  22. What about a business account? I opened a checking account online at regions bank (tennessee) I’m going to try to open a business act there but I’m still worried they’ll find out about chexsystems since I have to do it in person.. I also worry since the 30 day mark isn’t up yet that they may still find out about chexsystems and close my personal acct. I know most credit unions don’t run chexsystems or didn’t use to but I need a business account to cash business checks and I don’t know if they run chexsystems on business acts since you can use your tax I’d number instead of ssn or if you already have a personal acct maybe they don’t check when applying for business acct since you already have an acct.. I don’t know how all that works..

    • You might consider anonymously calling Regions Bank to ask the process for opening a Business Checking Account. Some banks pull ChexSystems report on the signor of the account and others do not. It’s also best to call ahead to see what documentation you will need.

      In addition to the tax payer identification number, typically banks require documentation to verify the business as well as the individual associated with the business. Different information may be required depending on the business structure, for instance:

      Sole Proprietors – If your business name does not include your legal first and last name, you will probably need one of the following documents:

       Fictitious Name Statement
       Certificate of Assumed Name
       Business License

      LLC or Corporations – If your business is a Limited Liability Company or Corporation, you will need one of the following business documents:

       Articles of Organization
       Certificate of Organization
       Certificate of Formation

      For some banks if you have a personal account already established they will not require any additional ChexSystems report on the signor of the account. They may only require tax payer identification no. and business documentation.

  23. So I need to open an account and today I went to BMO Harris Bank and the guy there said that I was denied because of me oweing chase money. so he suggested to try compass since they are telechecks. so I a wondering if their system is going to show anything. Also I live in mesa, AZ and was wondering what other banks I could try id compass bank does not work out for me. I also owe Bank of America less than $100 and Wells Fargo $240.

  24. I tried U.S. Bank today and was declined.

  25. I would like to know which banks in s.c. that doesn’t use chexsystem.

  26. I’m having trouble opening a checking account because of chexsystems. I got denied by a few different banks. Do you know any banks in the Massachusetts area that are non chexsystem banks or second chance bank I can go to?

  27. i just open an account with them since i have csh management account but am trying to find how to can set-up direct deposit

  28. Hello Lisa, I am on the early warning report for Bank of America and FifthThird Bank. I am trying to open an account but I am not having any luck. I have tried numerous second chance banks in Illinois but been denied. I am an employee with the United States Postal Service. Do you have any leads for any banks that will open an account for me in Illinois


      • I would like options for a back-up account in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Also, does EWS have to remove you at some point? I have no idea if I’m reported there, I don’t think so, but it sure sounds discouraging if you are. What is considered fraud? NSF? Thanks Lisa!

      • Yeah credit union reported me possible fraud which is not true first how can you get that removed also I open a account with Tcf bank been open for about month due you know if they will close my account or do you think they seen it on their and didn’t care as longs as I don’t owe them money and my ews report is clear just owe money for suntrust bank that all but please advice me scared to have my direct deposit into the account and they closest I can’t go branch because I’m in California

        • ChexSystems and EWS are both consumer reporting agencies and governed by the FCRA. This means you have the right to dispute the negative items. There may be an error in reporting like wrong dates or amounts. But keep in mind it is very difficult to get removed from ChexSystems and EWS. You can read more about how to dispute ChexSystems here. You can also contact the bank that you owe, in writing, and offer to pay what you owe in exchange for deletion. It is called a pay for delete agreement. The bank is under no obligation to agree to delete but you never know until you try. Even if you pay, ChexSystems or EWS they can remain on your report. ChexSystems remains for 5 years and EWS records remain for 7 years.

          I know you’ve asked me about TCF previously and I can only respond the same way. I’ve never heard of someone getting their TCF account closed at a later date unless they have an EWS record. I think you will be just fine as long as you keep your account in good standing and don’t give them any reason to close your new account. If you are worried about direct deposit set-up, I can only suggest you exercise your own judgment. I said previously monitor your account, if it remains open setting up direct-deposit should not be a problem. However, you may want to find a back-up bank from the list above, in the area where you live to set-up direct deposit.

    • There are several options listed above on this page. There are a few more options listed here also.

  29. Hey Lisa, I’m a college student that was careless with my information and had false checks deposited in my account. I just finished filling out my EWS paperwork and am ready to submit it. I have tried to open banks at PNC, Suntrust, and Wells Fargo. But I haven’t had any luck. My concern is that I’m actually in a delayed entry program for the Air Force, where I leave for basic training in June. I really would like to have a bank account before I go off to training. Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.

    • I really like USAA Bank for you since they primarily serve the military, unfortunately they use EWS. But while you are dealing with your EWS record I suggest you try Navy Federal Credit Union. It’s a great bank with many excellent products that members with imperfect credit can get approved for. You are definitely eligible for membership since you are in a delayed entry program. You may have to provide your enlistment contract as proof. Good luck to you.

      • Lisa,

        Have Darien contact Fort Sill National Bank…

        I had the same issue when I entered the Air Force last year. You have to apply via telephone but it’s quick and easy. Great customer service!

      • Lisa, thank you so much. Is there any way that I could show my gratitude for your service? I appreciate it a ton. Made my air force entry that much easier, thank you.

  30. shatoya jones says:

    I would like to know what can you do as far as getting an account or a prepaid account if you were reported to EWS? I’m in NYC please help

  31. Amanda Jones says:

    Hi Lisa I opened a Chase account in 2008,2009 however my mom overdrafted my account putting gas in her car I’m on the Checklist system (I was 18 at the time) I opened a Wells Fargo account through my grandma on her account for a job then after sometime I got my own Wells Fargo account and ordered a credit card (all happened in 2013-2015) my balance was 1,500 so I spent it due to an emergency I tried to deposit my tribal check along with my insurance claim check but I was told by the Wells Fargo employee that it was barely closed the beginning of March and that it went to collections what options do I have? Can I pay off my Chase account it’s not expensive then open another account or my old account with Chase? Can I be under my husband account? Please help

  32. Wondering if you knew of any second Chance accounts in Indianapolis?

  33. I have had a Chase checking account for 2-1\2 years. I did just reorder checks (Deluxe) and do have an account in Chexsystems. Was this a terrible mistake? I do not have a back-up account.

  34. Helly can you recommend any banks in the atlanta area that does not use chexsystems?

    Thank you,

    • Renansant Bank is not directly in Atlanta but in fairly reasonable driving distance. They are on the list above. You can also try Peach State Federal Credit Union, they have a Fresh Start Checking account for members who normally would be unable to open a checking account. It comes with a debit card and has a monthly fee. After 12 consecutive months, you can request to have the account changed to either a Basic or Premium Checking Account.

  35. I have introduced a friend of mine in San Diego who is struggling to open a checking account due to chexsystem to TD Amertride Cash Management. Unfortunately he was denied.

    • That is unfortunate because TD Ameritrade Cash Management Account is so easy to get. Tell your friend to try an in-store branch of US Bank. In San Diego, Vons and Albertsons do have a few branches. Most “in-store” US Banks will offer a checking account to people on ChexSystems but you must not owe them any monies and the ChexSystems report MUST NOT indicate fraud. If that does not work BBVA Compass has a few branches in San Diego and he may be approved for a Savings account as long as he does not have an EWS record.

  36. Hi Lisa, Just curious, as I know that Wells Fargo is one of the creators of EWS, will they offer a second chance checking acccount for someone that is listed in EWS/Chexsystems? I have never banked with WF, so the listing would not be for there bank… Any info would be much appreciative. Have a blessed day!

    • From what I understand about Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking is that they may open an account for someone with an EWS record depending on what the report indicated and the age of the report but you must not owe Wells Fargo any monies. But if fraud is indicated it is a definite denial.

  37. Dominique says:

    Has anyone tried Us Bank I am curious to try it out

  38. Natasha says:

    Does anyone know if Regions bank use Checksystems or EWS?

    • Regions Bank uses ChexSystems. But in some instances a branch office may override ChexSystems to open an account for you as long as no monies are owed to them. You have to be care with Regions Bank because their Loss Prevention Dept. may close or freeze your account a few weeks after it is open.

      • I am somewhat confused. I researched Regions before I opened the account and I kept finding posts that state they did not use Checksystems; however, they used EWS. Is there a difference?

  39. Was just denied an account at Wells Fargo! Fraudulent information from 2008 is still showing up (I’ve been fighting this for years). I’ve tried PNC and CapitolOne 360, but to no avail…

    • A ChexSystems record from 2008 should have been deleted by now. You need to dispute Chexsystems and request they remove outdated information from your ChexSystems report. Each negative item reported to ChexSystems can remain for 5 years but ChexSystems does not necessarily remove the negative listing automatically when the 5 year reporting period is over. It is up to you to check your report to make sure outdated information is deleted. You are entitled to a free ChexSystems report once every 12 months. You can also order a report for fee if you want to review your ChexSystems file more frequently. If they refuse to remove outdated information make a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  40. I just started a small business and I cannot open a business checking account because I have something on the EWS report. Do you know of any business checking accounts I could try?

    • Try Woodforest Bank. They have a Second Chance Business Checking Account. This account is designed to offer a second chance to business customers who have experienced previous bank account challenges. They do not run EWS. The minimum to open is $100.00 with a $15.00 monthly maintenance charge. You can read more about the account here.

  41. I just opened Capital One 360 savings online with no problem, but was declined for the checking account so maybe they only use chexsystems for checking accounts.

  42. Lynn St Peterson says:

    Capital One 360 uses the chexsystems now. Just did it yesterday and got denied

  43. Anonymous says:

    Lisa, I just wanted to let you know how helpful your site has been to me. I am determined to have a good credit score, although I know it will take time. I just opened accounts at Regions Bank, TCF Bank and a local one at Wells Fargo. I NEVER would have tried WF if it were not on your site. They also treated me like a valued customer and not a ‘deadbeat’ as I have gotten used to. I would like to mention that I was turned down by Capital One 360 and a local credit union (Partners 1st). The credit union was very nice, emailed me and got all my info, THEN, they would not respond and I got a rejection letter a week later. They were on the list that was supposed to be lenient (from another site). Big FAIL!! I am thrilled to have these accounts now. I am in Indiana. (All accounts came with checks, debit cards, apps and other perks) THANK YOU !!!!!

    • You are very welcome! I am happy you found the information needed on this website to open a new account. You have also done the SMART thing by opening several accounts. That action cannot be stressed enough when you have a ChexSystems or EWS record. Multiple accounts will guarantee you’ll also have a back-up in case of bank sweeps. The best of luck to you in your credit journey.

      • Dominick says:

        Hi I’m dom I want know I was reported to chexsytems and telecheck from a bank for fraud but I never did it and been denied but I open account today online and by phone with Tcf bank and got approved and funded account by card do you know if the use cb stems or should I be fine or do they do sweeps have you heard anyone get their account closed I see this is one of the banks on your list and I applied

        • TCF Bank representative stated they use ChexSystems but as long as you don’t owe them you should be okay. However an EWS record can get you denied. I would move with caution. If you are planning to set up direct deposit wait a few weeks to make sure everything is okay.

          • Only checksystems record for couple banks just overdrawn but also one credit union reported me 3 years ago for account fraud for check but not true so do you think they seen my checksystems report and approved it because I don’t owe them also I never had account in colorado I am moving from CA to denver Colorado this coming week and needed real account so I applied their and the male representivr said I was eligible for product and approved for accounts checking and savings and I have my account numbers now but I hope they keep it open do you think they would as long as its good standing have you heard of them approving then closing accounts if I never had account with them or in that state please let me know what you think I’m so excited they gave me chance so j can get back on track I make to much money to have prepaid card lol any other bank you recommend but has Tcf been good one for people

          • I’ve never heard of someone getting their TCF account closed at a later date unless they have an EWS record. I think you will be just fine as long as you keep your account in good standing and don’t give them any reason to close your new account. It does not matter what state you live in, ChexSystems is a nationwide consumer reporting agency even though not all banks use them. But careful in applying with too many banks. That is also an action monitored by ChexSystems.

          • Ok thanks for the info regarding Tcf if I move back to California will they still keep my account open also I applied for armed forced bank and they took my deposit and I ask the phone agent and she said if we take the deposit that means your approved so do you think they will keep it open I applied for account in California so what you think

          • From what I hear about Armed Forces you should be okay as long as you manage the new account well and avoid overdrafts. I see no reason why TCF would close your account for moving.

  44. Jennifer benner says:

    I had a chase account for a good three months last year. They did a sweep and closed my account with no warning. This all happened the day I was going on a cruise. I went to the bank and luckely I had a nice guy that new from talking to me the week before I was going on vacation . he was able to give me all my money. I was very lucky I didn’t have to wait.

    • Yes, “Bank Sweeps” are the worst. The backend of a bank’s security department can conduct “Bank Sweeps” several months after an account, in good standing, has been open. You were very lucky to be able to get your money so quickly. That’s why any consumer with a bank account and with items on ChexSystems should have a back-up bank account that does not use ChexSystems like Capital One Checking.

  45. hello I cant even open a checking account because I have bad credit history my credit reports is low at 500 since I keep trying to open a account but always get reject , is there anyway to open account with nochexstsyem since I keep trying but nothing work on my way.

  46. i just had one quick question. I have one listing on chexsystem/early warning services but i recently took care of the debt with the bank so i no longer owe them. I was able to open a second chance account with my local credit union(thank god) but i ultimately want to bank with usaa. I will be active millitary soon so i will qualify with for the account in that sense but i wanted to know if usaa will accept the application because my listing in chex was fraudulent.

    • USAA does not use ChexSystems however they do use Early Warning Services (EWS). I cannot say for sure USAA will ignore the EWS record even though it is paid. But you may have a better chance with USAA if you apply for one of their insurance products. USAA seems to cut slack to full members who are active military and have one of their insurance products. The insurance product could be something as inexpensive as renter’s insurance or personal property insurance (jewelry, cameras, etc.). This type of insurance can be as little as $10.00 a month. You can qualify for an insurance product then once you’re in, apply for a checking or savings account.

      • Do you know how long dings stay in the EWS and the other systems like that? I know Chexsystems is 5 years but there are many others out there. Not sure where to find that information since it isn’t all online on their sites.

        • EWS records remain for 7 years. The Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates how long negative records can report. It seems that ChexSystems decided they would only report for 5 years even though they have the legal authority to report longer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Rules.

  47. Netbank which is part of BofI Federal Bank will approve you for a checking account. It’s an Internet Bank but you get checks and a Visa Debit card. CONS: Check deposits, other than direct deposit have to be scanned and uploaded, cash deposits have to be made by transfers or a MoneyPack.

    • CASSANDRA says:


      • I appreciate your comments but this page is dedicated to getting consumers back in the traditional banking system, not prepaid debit accounts. While Netbank offers an alternative to prepaid cards it is not a traditional bank where you can grow your money, get access to loan products, credit card products, insurance and investment products. Traditional banks do not require loading cash onto “Moneypacks” and waiting for that money to be available. Netbank is back after being shut down in 2007 by the government. It was the largest thrift to fail since the savings and loan crisis back in the day.

        If you are unbanked your goal should be getting 2 or 3 accounts at banks offering “free checking” along with other free services. Those banks should offer a wide array of financial products giving you options when you want to get mortgage loans, home equity lines, personal loans or lines of credit, auto loans, credit cards and investment or retirement products. Netbank currently has a fee schedule similar to prepaid cards which is not published on their website. Customers should be prepared for fees like:

        NetBank charges:

        • $8.95 monthly maintenance fee or $6.95 if you use direct deposit
        • $1 to use an ATM
        • $5 per month for using their Bill Pay service
        • $5 per payment through Popmoney (for sending money to others)
        • $15.95 to close the account

  48. G. Morrison says:

    I opened an account with TD Ameritrade. Where does it give the option to open a cash management account? Can you make deposits to this account at a regular TD Bank?

  49. Will Chase allow you to open a 2nd Chance Checking account if you are still on Chexsystems? What if you shows you owe money to the account on chexsystems?

    • Chase will typically open a second chance checking even if you have unpaid ChexSystems entries as long as they do not indicate fraud and are not recent. They will “soft pull” your credit reports but it will not impact your credit scores.

      • Neicy Jones says:

        Hello! Just wanted to share that Chase no longer offers the Access checking account. They now only offer the Liquid prepaid card/account to consumers in Chexsystem. It is like any other prepaid debit card, except backed by Chase, which means you use their ATMs, tellers, etc. The monthly fee is $4.95, and after 6-9 months, they say they will offer a traditional checking account (if there is enough positive activity to show you will benefit from a traditional account). I just went in yesterday, however, and will check back in to let you all know how true that is. Thanks! I love this website it has been a blessing!

        Oh, this is a big thing, unlike some other prepaid debit cards, you have no check payment options. Only direct deposits, you may not use the routing/account number to pay any online bills, etc, only the 16 digit card number may be used. And you may not use the card for rentals of any kind, or do money transfers. So, basically, per my prepaid card experience they are far from the best one out there. Unless, they are true to their pitch and really offer a checking account in 6-9 months. Thanks!

  50. Thank you!!! I have horrible credit, and a Chex Systems listing from 2012. I tried many different banks that would not accept me. I called SunTrust and was able to open a checking account!!! I have been using prepaid cards and didn’t even think this was possible, especially not at one of the banks you see everywhere!!

    • Congratulations on your new account. Prepaid cards serve a purpose but are nothing like a real checking account.

    • Sorry. I have to update this. The next day, I went to SunTrust and they told me that my account had been closed. I was assured that I was approved initially, then they did a background check, saw the ChexSystems do not open account on my file, and dropped me. I don’t know what to do now. This seems hopeless.

      • Wow, that’s not good. Have you tried a different bank on the list. Perhaps there is a US Bank in your area operating out of a grocery store. Some people have had great success with US Bank that are in grocery stores. Don’t give up. If you can’t find a traditional bank consider using a Cash Management Account from TD Ameritrade until your ChexSystems record is removed. ChexSystems records can only stay for 5 years. Scottrade Bank is another option.

  51. Sunbank is also a second chance bank. I have had an account with Sunbank for a couple of years and never had an issue with them. I think they used the credit report for verification only – not to deny.

  52. What is incredible is that banks deny customer’s the opportunity for a real bank account but they can engage in all manner of illegal and devastating activities with little to fear but government penalties. Suntrust itself had to pay $1 billions last year for defrauding fannie mae and freddie mac but the people that made those decisions go free. If you or I did that we would be in jail the rest of our lives with Bernie Madoff! And don’t even get me started about the billions and billions (trillions?) they destroyed of people’s assets with the sub prime implosion of 2007-2008.

  53. Bank of the West offers a second chance checking but the fee is 12 per mth

  54. i am the victim of identity theft and thats why i am on chexsystems it is impossable to open a bank account anywhere im so depressed

    • If negative information on your ChexSystems report is due to identity theft it is important that you take the necessary steps in order to address the identity theft. That means filing an Identity Theft Affidavit and file a police report. To create an Identity Theft Affidavit, you’ll need to submit a formal complaint detailing the theft to the Federal Trade Commission. Access the FTC Theft Affidavit online here.

      Once you have a copy of the FTC’s Identity Theft Affidavit take it with you to file a police report. Filing a police report may seem burdensome but it may help you down the line to get any fraud accounts removed from ChexSystems. With the Identity Theft Affidavit and police report you should be able to dispute the negative account with the financial institution that placed you on ChexSystems and dispute the ChexSystems negative item here to get it deleted.

      If you want to open an account before you get the negative item removed from ChexSystems go over the list above, one of the above banks may open an account for you.

  55. Thank you for sharing this information for other readers.

  56. If they do sweeps and they close the account after it has been opened, what about the money? how do i get my money from the bank?

    • If a sweep has occurred most banks will return your money within 30 days of the account closing. But you can usually get it sooner if you speak with a manager and make a fuss about it.

  57. Carolyn says:

    I applied for the USAA checking account and was instantly approved.

  58. Hi I have a question Ive had an account with Wells Fargo about two years ago. Is it possible that I can still open an opportunity checking account?

  59. Woodforest Bank also offers Second Chance checking. 25.00 min open deposit…with 9.95 a month svc fee without direct deposit..and 7.95 with direct deposit.

  60. Many banks are now using Chexsystems & credit reports to deny even savings accounts. I am unable to get any sort of “real” bank account – savings or checking – until I pay off banks that have never sent me anything stating I owe them! Chexsystems won’t remove them either.

  61. Kev_Greene says:

    Some banks I tried to get accounts at ran a credit check so it seems you are basically screwed if your credit is questionable, unless you get a savings account only.

  62. KingofPain says:

    Chexsystems is so unfair because they will try to put you in there for 5 years for little amounts. I had a small accont go to chexsystems for less than 30 lousy bucks and it stayed their the entire 5 years. I hate them!

  63. It’s been so long since I had an account I’m not sure I even want one now, except for paying a check cashing place to cash my payroll checks. The prepaid card has worked but there are more fees involved then I would like.

  64. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the second chance bank list I was able to open checking and savings account

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