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By: Lisa Phillips

free checking thats honestly freeUSAA Savings began providing financial services to the military in 1922. Today, USAA serves not only the military but also civilians if you are related to a current member of the military or veteran.

USAA is the best online bank offering superior products and services. Members are provided with first-class employees personally committed to delivering excellent service and great advice. USAA’s primary location is in San Antonio, Texas.

All of USAA products are available to members online. Here are some of the most popular financial products:

Free Checking Account
USAA Checking Account is best for members who want a free checking account, free nationwide ATM use and the ability to pay bills and deposit checks online. View and manage your checking account online or with your mobile phone. Free unlimited funds transfers to and from any bank nationwide. USAA is a great bank and there are no monthly fees regardless of your balance. The only issue with USAA is the initial deposit must come from an existing bank account or a Mastercard.

Savings Account
The USAA Savings Account offers exceptional value. No monthly service fees, regardless of your balance. Free Nationwide ATMs – if another bank charges you, USAA refunds the fees. One of the best features of the USAA Savings Account is the Tiered Rates — The more you save, the more interest you’ll earn!

Credit Cards
All of USAA credit cards offer $0 liability protection from unauthorized charges; Account alerts for your payment due date, charges and credit limit updates; Instant account balances and transaction history with a simple text message and online or mobile account management. USAA credit cards also offer competitive rates.

Auto Loans
Auto loan rates as low as 1.99% APR or as low as 1.49% APR with discount when you buy through the USAA Car Buying Service. Get your loan without leaving your home with a short application that can be completed entirely secure and online. In most cases, you’ll get your decision instantly. You can e-sign your approved loan immediately, and your documents are stored online for 24/7 access.

Mutual Funds
Get free advice and find the appropriate investment portfolio for your goals with the Portfolio Planner. Choose from several funds and diversify your investments in one fund with USAA’s Asset Allocation Funds. You can prepare for your golden years with USAA’s Target Retirement Funds. Track your accounts online or with free apps; iPhone®, iPad® or Android™.

Brokerage Services
Get flexibility with a range of accounts from Individual/Joint, Roth/Traditional IRA, SEP or a Trust account. Manage accounts through USAA’s Managed Portfolios. Save money with competitive commissions and get 50 free trades when you open an account. Trades as low as $5.95. Low-volume traders pay only $8.95. The more you trade the more you save. Turn your phone into a mobile brokerage with expanded iPhone and Android apps. New trade and research features keep you on top of market activity.

Free Financial Advice
Members can ask financial questions and get them answered by USAA’s team of licensed Certified Financial Planners. Members can get advice on debt reduction, investing and saving for retirement. Ask a question and get free advice.

Banking Online
The idea of banking online may cause some consumers concern. USAA offers a secure environment to conduct your banking transactions. USAA is just as safe as a brick and mortar bank. Consumers must be vigilant in taking normal precautions in guarding passwords and PIN numbers just as you would in a traditional banking environment.

You can be confident USAA is a real bank as they are a member of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) which insures bank deposits up to $250,000 per depositor.

Open a USAA account today!

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