Fingerhut Credit Account: Rebuild Card for Bad Credit

“Not an access card”

Fingerhut offers credit accounts to people with bad credit who are looking to rebuild their credit history using positive credit accounts. Fingerhut is home to over 500,000 top brand-name products. Fingerhut carries top brands from popular merchants. From laptops, tablets, TVs and toys to furniture, home decor and appliances — you can find it at Fingerhut.

What is the Fingerhut Credit Account

The Fingerhut credit account is a retail credit account that can be used to purchase a variety of products, similar to items sold by Target and Walmart, at, the Fingerhut catalog and over the phone. Managing a credit account the right way can be the first step in transforming a bad credit score into a good one.

Using accounts to build credit is a powerful tool that can help consumers with bad credit or no credit take control of their financial outlook. Building a positive credit history can be accomplished with the Fingerhut credit account in a matter of months with timely payments and low account balances.

The Fingerhut credit account is reported monthly to the major credit bureaus which can help establish a positive payment history. Using the Fingerhut credit account for credit building is one way that someone with bad credit or no credit is able to establish or reestablish a good credit score.

Credit Score needed for a Fingerhut Credit Account

A credit score of at least 400 is recommended for this card but is not required. Approval is based on a number of factors that the credit issuer may consider in the approval process. Many people have reported getting approved with very damaged credit. You can get a fresh start and build your credit with the Fingerhut credit account.

Enjoy low monthly payments with flexible terms like deferred payments. Payments are reported to the major credit bureaus. With on-time payments Fingerhut will give you automatic credit line increases.

Budget Friendly Payments

With a Fingerhut credit account you are eligible for deferred payments. But you can also pay off your account early with no interest charge or penalty to pay off your balance early.

How to use Fingerhut to improve credit scores

Fingerhut offers credit to most people with bad credit. But the products tend to be higher priced and the interest rate may be higher than a Visa or Mastercard credit card. The best way to use the Fingerhut credit account is to charge only a few items, pay more than the minimum due or pay in full once you get the bill. After a few months of on-time payments you should see an improvement in credit scores. Remember never use your total available credit line and keep your account balance low.

Bottom line

If your credit is damaged but not necessarily destroyed, the Fingerhut Credit Account is a good place to start rebuilding it. Highlights of the Fingerhut Credit Account:

  • Build your Credit with Fingerhut!
  • Shop Great Brands.
  • Find out instantly if you’re pre-approved with Fingerhut Credit.
  • Apply for Fingerhut Credit today. Fill out our easy online application.
  • Not an access card.

Fingerhut Discount Codes

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8 thoughts on “Fingerhut Credit Account: Rebuild Card for Bad Credit”

  1. Fingerhut gave me credit when everyone else said no. My credit score is in the 400s because i lost my job and got behind. Now i am getting back on track and i am thankful i got at least one new credit card to help rebuild my credit

  2. Surprised I was approved just had a BK discharge 5/14. I plan to pay in full because I don’t want to carry a balance plus and only want to get my credit score back on track.

  3. I can’t lie, my credit is horrible but I was aproved. Plan to use this account to rebuild my credit. Made my order same day.

  4. Thank you fingerhut I am grateful for a chance to build my credit, i have a lot of medical bills on my reports i cannot afford to pay. My limit is only $300 but thats okay, at least its a start

  5. Get this card at your own risk! Watch out for customer service, they messed my order up and were rude. I would close my account but since I took a hard inquiry to get it, I’ll just pay if off when bill comes and keep it on my credit report.

  6. Never heard of Fingerhut before until saw it on this website as a way to build credit. I needed to get some gifts and was turned down at Target. My credit is like in the high 500s. It seems like they have a lot of the same products Target carries but a little more. Warning the prices are expensive. Hope this credit card will get my score higher. I would recommend because approval was quick and now I am just waiting for delivery of order. Use the code to get a little discount it worked for me.

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