Get Second-Chance Banking through a Prepaid Card

second chance checkbook

second chance checkbookBeing denied a checking or savings account due to a Chexsystems record or bad credit can be inconvenient and costly. If you have been reported to Chexsystems, the record can remain up to 5 years. That’s a long time to go without a bank account.

You can get second-chance banking through a prepaid card. The UPside Prepaid Visa offers second-chance banking and the opportunity to start fresh.

Most prepaid cards boast you can use their card as an option to a checking account but do not have any checking account features aside from direct deposit and ATM access. The UPside Prepaid Visa is different. It functions as a second chance account and comes with an online checkbook.

Account Features

Write Personal Checks

prepaid visa checking accountAccount holders have the ability to write actual personal checks for any purpose. With the UPside checkbook, you can write personal checks online right from your UPside online account. They will issue the check on your behalf and mail it for you. In order to write a check all you have to do is log into your account and select the “Write a Check” button and fill out the payee name, address and amount.

The check will be debited from your prepaid account and sent automatically on your behalf. You even have the ability to stop payment on the check if it has not been cashed by the payee. Checks can be written for just about any purpose such as rent, utilities or tuition. There are so many benefits of having the ability to write a check. It not only gives you more options to pay obligations it also offers the safety of having a canceled check as proof of payment.

Visa Prepaid Card

Use your UPside Visa Prepaid Card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, both online and in stores. Withdraw cash at ATM terminals with the Visa or Interlink logo. Since your Visa Prepaid Card is covered by the Visa Zero Liability Policy, you may incur no liability for unauthorized use of your card provided you notify Upside within a reasonable time of the loss or theft of your card or its unauthorized use.

Free Direct Deposit

Set up free direct deposit for your paycheck, government benefits or even tax refunds. Once you have enrolled in direct deposit your employer will electronically deposit your paycheck into your account. You can withdraw your money at any ATM, or write checks for your payments and purchases. Direct deposit allows you to access your paycheck whenever you need it and avoid using a check cashing store and their fees. Your money is and kept in an FDIC-insured account. That means you are protected for up to $250,000.


The UPside free rewards program allows account holders to earn cash back points. Just activating the card and having your first direct deposit using the card can earn 1500 points. When shopping at leading retailers through the Upside Mall, 10 points per dollar spent can be earned. Earn 5 points per dollar spent when adding minutes to a US prepaid cell phone. Once 2000 points are earned, they can be redeemed for a $20 credit to your card account.

Mobile Banking

The UPside Visa Prepaid Card is fully mobile. View transactions, write checks, load cash, and more from any web-enabled cell phone. Banking is literally at your fingertips; whether you’re out and about or on vacation, access your account from any location.

A second chance bank account saves you money by eliminating the need to use alternative, fee-intensive options. Consumers I have referred to the Upside Visa Prepaid account really like this option as a second chance account, especially the features of a checking account with the online checkbook. Open your account today, everyone is approved.

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