Home-Based Business Ideas

home based business ideas

home based business ideasAccording to the SBA Office of Advocacy, in 2009, there were 27.5 million businesses in the United States. The latest available Census data show that there were 5.9 million firms with employees in 2008 and 21.4 million without employees in 2008.

Small firms with fewer than 500 employees represent 99.9 percent of the total (employers and non-employers), as the most recent data show there were 18,469 large businesses in 2008.

Home-based businesses are part of the numbers. America thrives on entrepreneurship and with the current unemployment rate, starting your own home-based business may the only option for employment. It is always a good idea to do something you like as you will be spending time growing any new business. Here are some ideas for a home-based business:

Answering Service
Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Why not get paid for it. Customers have become frustrated with automated answering systems and many companies are switching back to the old way of doing business, a live person answering the phones. The opportunities in this business are varied as a company may require services during and after office hours and you can contract with several companies.

Bridal Consultant
Today’s bride does not merely want a wedding, she wants an experience. However, many brides hold down full-time jobs and don’t have the hours to put into planning a wedding. Do you like organizing, negotiating, planning and creating…not to mention high stress? Then the bridal consultant business may be perfect for you.

As a bridal consultant you will assist a bride in every aspect of wedding planning, including but not limited to, scouting locations, wedding attire, food & entertainment, decorations, flowers, invitations, you name it, you will probably have to perform it.

Child Care
The need for child care facilities is growing as job and income growth continues. More and more families have both parents working and someone has to watch the kids. Child care facilities offer supervision, care and education for pre-school aged children and school-aged children ranging from 6 weeks up to 16 years. A passion for teaching and nurturing children is highly recommended as this profession is very demanding.

Computer Consultant
Every type of company will require IT help at some point in time. If you have a thorough understanding of computer systems, excellent analytical and problem solving skills and enjoy helping people then you may want to consider computer consulting.

Cosmetic Sales – Avon or Mary Kaye
The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Get your piece of the pie. Avon and Mary Kaye are well established industry leaders that have a good business model in place for its representatives. If make-up and skin care floats your boat, then this industry make work well for you.

Delivery and Messenger Service
Almost anyone can use a delivery service these days. You do not have to limit yourself to working for businesses. Personal delivery services are a growing trend as people just do not have the time to spend in traffic running errands. You may want to find a niche in what kinds of items you want to deliver. Whether it’s furniture, documents, or even pets.

Event Planning
Whether it’s a super sweet sixteen party, corporate event, private soriee or political rally, the event planning business has grown to a over a 500 billion industry. An eye for detail, lots of creativity, strong organizational and management skills and excellent people skills is all you need. This profession can be fun and rewarding.

Has anyone ever called you “Mr. Fix-It” or “Ms. Fix-It” or, do you just think of yourself in this manner? If so, the handyman business may be for you. There are so many prospects for clients, you will be very busy. Start simple by posting fliers at your local grocery stores, advertise in your local newspapers, look-up the neighborhood realtors, drop by the senior citizen housing complexes, the possibilities are endless.

Hauling Service
With the advent of cable shows like Clean House and Clean Sweep it has become increasingly popular to get rid of clutter. But getting rid of the clutter is only half the job, once all the precious keepsakes, family heirlooms, college furniture and other various clutter has been cleared, what are you going to do with it? A hauling service is perfect for those who don’t mind a little physical labor. You you may also find that valuable treasure in the midst of another person’s trash. All you’ll need is a vehicle capable of carry almost anything.

Interior Decorator
Are you passionate about color swatches, mixing and matching patterns, determining functionality of a space, feng sui techniques and working with people? The interior decorator business may be waiting for you. As a decorator you are not required to have the formal accredited education and certification as do interior designers.

Jewelry and Accessories Design
Creativity is the key to this business. The opportunities abound for custom jewelry and accessories design. A huge market exists for your custom made necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even belt buckles. Holiday bizarres, cultural fairs, arts and crafts shows, conferences, museums and even neighborhood farmers market are venues to exhibit your designs.

Limousine Service
Limousine service is no longer for celebrities, elected officials or corporate executives. Consumers are hiring limousine services for weddings, proms, anniversaries, birthday parties, bachelor parties, divorce parties, and any other special night out. With good customer service and excellent driving skills your phone will be ringing off the hook.

Massage Therapist
Are you good with your hands? Perhaps massage therapy is right for you. Certification can take as little as 9 months. This profession affords several career options. You can work independently for several types of clinics such as sports medicine, orthopedic, chiropractic, naturopathic and pain management. Travel to your clients’ home or office. You can even work on cruise ships. The possibilities are endless.

Medical Billing
As the health care industry expands, the need for medical billers also expands. Medical billers are responsible for collecting, analyzing and processing patient information for payment. The main duty of medical billers is to ensure medical facilities and physicians receive payment for services rendered. Much of the medical billing services are outsourced so a home business is perfect for this profession.

Medical Transcription
The demand never ends for qualified medical transcribers. Doctors, hospitals, chiropractors and even veterinarians often outsource the transcribing of patient medical records. This is an excellent home-based business with endless possibilities for clients.

Mobile Carwash
Look around you, it seems as though every American owns a car. Those cars need to be washed and not everyone has the time nor desire to pull out the water hose and bucket. Traditional car washes still hold a monopoly but there is an increasing need for mobile carwash businesses. Office buildings, apartment and condo complexes and small companies with fleets of delivery vehicles are a good place to start promoting this type of business.

Mobile Catering
Love to cook? Even better, love to cook for others? In today’s time crunched society working families need a good home cooked meal without the hassle. A mobile catering service can be just the answer. Start by giving out sample meals. Create simple menus and go from there. You can target specific neighborhoods and even pass out samples and menus at the local parks while the soccer moms and dads are cheering on the kids.

Mobile Hair Salon
Ever been sitting under a dryer, magazine in one hand, bottled water in the other, with a frown on your face? Let’s be honest, most women like getting their hair styled by a professional but do not necessarily enjoy the time spent in salons. Th mobile hair salon is a growing industry as women and men are willing to pay extra for convenience.

Notary Public
A notary public has several options for working. A traveling notary service can make a very good income. Notaries are needed for all sorts of reasons. They officially witness signatures on legal documents, administer oaths and statutory declarations, collect sworn statements and authenticate documents. Everyone, at some point in time, needs a notary so the possibilities for clients are endless.

Personal Services – Shopping & Errands
Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to take care of home and work. Most people have to perform their duties on the job and often times the duties at home fall by the wayside. Errands, shopping, bill paying need to be accomplished. A person who enjoys keeping others organized may be ripe for the personal services business. No longer are executives the only people who require personal services, middle and working class families can also use a personal service business. Start by advertising your services to corporations.

Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraisers estimate the value of real property which includes land, buildings and natural resources. The work is interesting yet tedious. Appraisers prepare a written description properties and estimate the value. They may also examine income records, verify legal descriptions of property, draw diagrams and note conditions and special features of buildings. Appraisers generally work alone and find opportunities with state and local government, banks, credit unions, utility, insurance and mortgage companies.

Restaurant Delivery
Restaurant delivery service is a great up and coming business. Many smaller restaurants do not have the man power to offer deliveries. That’s where you come in. You can contract with several restaurants and get the benefits of a set fee from your clients along with tips for their customers!

Secretarial Service – Typing, Transcription & Proofreading
Virtual secretaries can offer a myriad of services and target various professional fields. If you are a multi-tasker with accurate, fast typing skills you may be interested in offering your services to the Business, Legal and Medical fields. There are also opportunities in bookkeeping, typing manuscripts, resumes, cover letters, request for proposals, business plans and the list goes on.

Math, reading, grammar, history, science…what’s your speciality? If you find teaching a rewarding experience tutoring could be the key to your successful home-based business. With the competition heating up to get a spot in the top colleges and universities, parents are looking for ways to give their children an edge. Advertising is fairly inexpensive. Post flyers in your local schools, libraries, grocery stores and even laundromats.

Weight Loss Coach
Unfortunately obesity is on the rise in the United States. Fortunately many businesses have arisen from the obesity crisis. Just like personal trainers weight loss coaches have carved a niche in the fitness industry. A certified weight loss coach can work right from home with weekly coaching sessions, nutrition advice and work-out plans all through email. The rewards from this business are immeasurable as you help others improve their health, lifestyle and self-confidence.


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