Oklahoma Non ChexSystems Banks and Fresh Start Checking


Oklahoma residents living without a bank account may end up paying more for simple services like cashing a check. ChexSystems or bad credit has hindered a large number of Americans from having access to traditional checking or savings accounts.

Get a fresh start at checking with a traditional bank in Oklahoma.

Roughly 7 percent of Oklahoma households are “unbanked,” meaning they don’t have checking or savings accounts, according to a 2017 survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. An additional 21 percent are considered “underbanked” because they have bank accounts but still use alternative financial services like check cashers.

Being unbanked in Oklahoma means paying check cashing stores, purchasing money orders or depending on a prepaid debit card. Plus, if you use cash to pay bills you can lose or misplace receipts. Using a bank to conduct financial transactions is safer and more convenient — plus saves you money on fees.

Fortunately for the citizens of Oklahoma there are several banks offering second chance accounts and even Oklahoma non-ChexSystems banks.

Get back into banking. A negative ChexSystems record can remain 5 years unless you successfully dispute ChexSystems to get it deleted. For consumers with an EWS record, it can last for 7 years unless you’re able to successfully dispute EWS.

Small Banks and Credit Unions in Oklahoma may have second chance checking accounts or may be a Oklahoma Non-Chexsystems Bank. More choices also exist at larger nationwide No-ChexSystems Banks and 2nd Chance Checking Accounts that will give you an opportunity to get back into banking.

Oklahoma Second Chance Checking and Fresh Start Checking

BBVA Online Checking

BBVA offers an online checking account that utilizes EWS to verify new customers. It’s a no monthly Service Charge account that makes it easy to manage your money on the go with mobile banking. Customers enjoy free checking, unlimited check writing, cashback in categories like gas and groceries throughout the year. Free ATMs at BBVA and at 64,000 AllPoint ATMs in the network. Bill payment and mobile check deposit also included, you can even deposit cash at some AllPoint ATM locations.

What else can you expect from this checking account?

  • Apply with only $25 opening deposit
  • No monthly Service Charge
  • Earn cash back on everyday debit and credit card purchases
  • Complimentary Online Banking and Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and Online Statements
  • No ATM withdrawal fees at any BBVA or Allpoint® ATM. Deposit cash at some AllPoint ATMs.
  • BBVA USA, Member FDIC

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Chime is primarily a spending account to conduct your daily expenses that anyone can open. Get paid up to 2 days early with early direct deposit. Other features include no overdraft fees and no monthly service fees. If you need a check written, Chime will create and mail a paper check for you at no charge. No opening deposit required. If you open a savings account too, you can save money when you make a purchase or pay a bill with your Chime Visa® Debit Card. Chime will round up transactions to the nearest dollar and transfer it to your savings account.

Oklahoma’s Credit Union

Credit Unions are a great place to bank. If you have a ChexSystems record you may be eligible for the “Fresh Start Checking Account” at Oklahoma’s Credit Union. There is a monthly fee of $9.95 but there is no minimum balance. You must work, live or worship in Canadian, Grady, Cleveland, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Oklahoma or Pottawatomie County areas in order to qualify. You may also qualify through your employer.

Allegiance Credit Union

For people in the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas you may find a “Fresh Start” at Allegiance Credit Union. They offer people who have been denied due to ChexSystems a “Fresh Start Checking” account. The monthly fee is $9.95 and there is no minimum balance required. Customers get a Visa® Check Card but checks are not available on this account.

City National Bank

City National Bank in Oklahoma only uses proper identification. There are several checking account options ranging from $3.95 to $12.95 per month. All checking accounts come with online banking, debit card, mobile banking and phone banking services.

Bank of Oklahoma

A second chance checking account can be found in Oklahoma at the Bank of Oklahoma. They offer an “Opportunity Checking” account but you must visit a branch or call to apply. A $50 minimum opening deposit required and customers get free ATMs, a Visa Debit card and free online BillPay. The monthly service fee is $14.95.

TTCU The Credit Union

Tulsa Teachers Credit Union is made up of teachers, school faculty, administrators, staff, students and more than 600 affiliated groups. You may be able to join even if you are not an educator. The “Fresh Start” account Our Fresh Start account is designed to help those who have had trouble managing their accounts in the past, and who desire a fresh start. There is a monthly service fee of $10.00 and it takes $25 to open an account.

Landmark Bank

Landmark Bank offers a second chance checking account called “Rebound Checking”. This account offers a free Visa® Debit Card, a free box of Landmark Bank logo checks and up to 5 ATM Network fees waived per-month. There is a monthly service fee of $9.99. Plus, if you keep your second chance checking account in good standing for 12 consecutive months, you will be eligible to switch to another checking account type, including Better Free Checking.

Fort Sill National Bank

Fort Sill National bank does not use ChexSystems but a credit report will be pulled. They have several checking account packages to choose from but the Basic Checking includes a $5.00 Minimum deposit required to open account, has no monthly fees, unlimited check writing and a Visa CheckCard.

Bank of the West

Bank of the West does run a ChexSystems report but they have a second chance banking program called “Fresh Start.” Your Chexsystem listing must be older than one year and it cannot be for fraud. Basic checking has a $10 monthly fee but it is waived when you: Maintain an average monthly balance of $1000; Receive a direct deposit of $250; or Use your Bank of the West Debit Card for 10 or more purchases during each statement cycle.

First Family Federal Credit Union

First Family Federal Credit Union uses Telecheck to open checking accounts. Personal checking accounts are FREE with enrollment of e-statements.

Credit Union One of Oklahoma

Credit Union One of Oklahoma uses Telecheck to verify accounts. They offer several free checking account options.

MTC Federal Credit Union

MTC Federal Credit Union required proper identification only to verify new accounts. They offer a variety of different checking account options to fit your financial needs.

Communication Federal Credit Union

Communication Federal Credit Union requires a credit report to verify new accounts. They offer a variety of different checking account options to fit your financial needs. All accounts require a $25 opening deposit.

Citizens Bank of Edmond

They offer a Fresh Start Checking account that can convert to a regular checking account after 12 months with no overdrafts. Customers enjoy free online banking and bill pay. There is a $10 monthly service charge. All accounts require $50 minimum opening balance.

TT Federal Credit Union

TTCU offers a Fresh Start Checking account that requires $25 to open. There is a $10 monthly service charge. The account is designed to help those who have had trouble managing their accounts in the past, and who desire a fresh start. Customers enjoy unlimited check writing, free ATM transactions, online banking and mobile banking.

WEOKIE Credit Union

They offer a Fresh Start Checking account. This checking account is designed to provide opportunities to re-establish a good checking account history. There is no minimum balance to maintain. Customers enjoy Courtesy Pay® – up to $300 overdraft protection, unlimited check writing.

Non-ChexSystems Banks by State

Second chance banking is available in all 50 States. Find additional options in your area and share the list of second chance banks with friends and family that may be unbanked.