Why did old collections that were removed from report reappear


Question: I recently had old collections removed from credit report I just check my credit report the collections are back on there with new collection company and new open date.

Answer: It sounds like the old collection agency sold the debt to a new collection agency. If this is the case then the new collection agency can report the debt on your credit files until the 7 year federal compliance date has been reached. Federal law requires the original creditor to report the original delinquency date of the account that led to charge off and any subsequent collection efforts. The original delinquency date is the date from which the seven year period is measured.

Unfortunately an unpaid debt can be sold repeatedly from one collection agency (junk debt buyer) to another. But no matter how many times that unpaid debt goes from one collection agency to another, it can only remain on your credit for 7 years from the date the original debt first went unpaid and no other payments were made. Collection agencies may continue to try to collect the debt, however, even after it has been removed from your credit report.

But the only way the debt can be on your credit report now is:

  • You made payments on the debt and the clock was restarted on the time period in which the debt can remain on your credit reports;
  • The latest collection agency illegally re-aged the debt, making it seem like the date you first went delinquent is more recent; or
  • The time the original debt first went unpaid and no other payments were made has not yet been reached. Meaning you still have some remaining time of the 7 years that the debt can legally be reported on your credit files.

Look at your credit reports, they should tell you when the debt is due to be removed from your credit files. For example:

Experian Credit Report has under the “Status Details” the month/year an account is scheduled to continue on your record.

Equifax Credit File has under Collection Agency Information, the “Date of 1st Delinquency” which should tell you the month/year the original creditor reported you as delinquent and no other payments were made after that date.

Transunion Consumer Report has under each collection entry the “Estimated date that this item will be removed” the month/year the item should be removed.

If you find the collection has passed the 7 year reporting period then dispute the account with the credit bureau reporting the account. If possible, document the original delinquency date and request the credit bureau delete the account because illegal re-aging has occurred. Good luck to you!

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