Should Pay for Delete Agreements be signed by the Collection Agency

pay for deletion letter from colleciton agency signed agreement

pay for deletion letter from colleciton agency signed agreement Question: I recently sent out a pay for deletion letter and the collection agency that it was sent is willing to settle. The response letter states that upon receiving payment they will request the tradeline to be removed from my credit file(s). I noticed on the letter there wasn’t a signature from an authorized rep. What do I do?

Answer: Congratulations on negotiating a pay for delete settlement with the collection agency. The collection agency may honor the agreement as is but I would definitely request a signature, preferably from someone in authority, before sending the payment. It would be a lot easier to dispute the matter, or even file a lawsuit for breach of agreement in case the collection agency failed to follow through with the deletion.

Send a polite letter via certified mail, return receipt, thanking them for agreeing to settle and delete the item from your credit reports but request they resend the settlement letter with a signature on it for your records.

In an effort to show continued good faith on your end, you could send a COPY only of the cashier’s check or money order in the amount of the agreed upon settlement along with the letter requesting the signature. This should let them know you are serious about following through with the agreement once a signature is obtained. You may even offer to send payment via overnight delivery once you receive the settlement letter with their signature. Good luck to you.


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