Telecheck can deny check writing even when there are sufficient funds

Customers can be shocked when a retailer denies their check when sufficient funds are in the bank. But with Telecheck, having money in the bank typically has little impact on whether a retailer approves or denies your check.

QUESTION: I got declined twice before I called to find out the problem, I thought the first time may have been because the cashier didn’t enter in my drivers license info- I have the funds, so was very confused. I called & went through a long automated system over the phone, then repeats the same information to the person who finally got on the phone. They told me there was negativity with a driver’s license number associated with my account, gave them my info & it’s not my license, then my husband had to get on the phone & give them his information as well & they said it’s not his license either.

So I am left very confused as we are the only people on this account! Then they asked if anyone ever cashes our checks for us & I said yes, the only people are my mom & my daughter, they couldn’t tell me anything further, but said well it must be them. I don’t think they’re is anything wrong with their stuff either, their accounts seem to be fine, but how can someone else automatically get linked to my account who’s not on my account & cause us not to be able to use our account?! Makes no sense & they couldn’t give me any answers!

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the reps at Telecheck are notorious for not being able to provide answers. Your issue is unique but I’m not shocked something like that could occur. Telecheck is a consumer reporting agency just like the three major credit bureaus. They deal with tons of consumer information; all it takes is someone at a bank or Telecheck mixing up consumer personal information and attaching incorrect bank accounts or license numbers, even social security numbers to someone with similar names or addresses. It could happen.

Understanding how Telecheck works helps consumers know that having sufficient money in the bank has no impact on a retailer approving or denying your check. In most cases consumers have more than enough money to cover the check but still may be denied. Here are several reasons why Telecheck can deny your check and having available funds has nothing to do with it.

Take action as soon as you can because this issue is not going away until you handle it. You might want to go directly to your bank and request they call Telecheck on your behalf since Telecheck told you different license numbers are attached to your bank account. That’s a scary thing. Someone dropped the ball somewhere. If your bank can’t help you, contact Telecheck directly by completing this form and include the following to verify your identity:

Copy of your driver’s license
Social security number
Copy of a voided check
Daytime contact phone number

The Telecheck Reporting Form tells you where to send it.

The best of luck to you.
(I know it’s annoying having to correct a mistake you did not cause but it’s on you to get to the bottom of it.)


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