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Rebuilding Credit

There is not one way to rebuild credit. Several avenues can be explored when rebuilding credit. The common thread to rebuild credit is to have current positive information in your credit history so it can be used when your credit score is calculated.

Other ways to rebuild credit is to dispute negative credit and request deletions of that information whenever possible. Lastly keeping on top of obligations can be the easiest way to rebuild credit. Late payments ruin credit scores but you can recover them by paying on time for several months after.

Here are the links to the articles that will help you rebuild credit:

Credit Repair

In order to rebuild credit you may have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with your credit report. Once you know what is tanking your credit score you can strategically begin the credit repair process. The good news is that there are lots of rules and laws available in your arsenal of weapons.

Once you familiarize yourself with what’s available to fight the credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors you will realize credit repair is a game. When you know the rules you will win.

Below are some of my best articles about credit repair, consumer laws and how to write an effective credit dispute letter:

Debt Validation

Debt validation, outside of charge-offs is the second most popular topic here on the website. Visitors have a lot of questions about debt validation and I completely understand why.  It should be straightforward but instead, it’s rather elusive. Unfortunately the federal and most state laws regarding debt collectors do not explicitly force debt collectors to prove you owe a debt. However, it is implied.

Debt validation can prove very useful in sending a message to debt collectors that you will not easily rollover. Most debt collectors want to get you on the phone, intimidate you into paying and make tons of money off a debt they literally purchased for pennies on the dollar.

Below are some of my best articles including some questions I have received on the subject of debt validation:

Credit Scores

Credit scores are the 3-digit number that has the potential to control financial success. So much is tied to a credit score that it is almost impossible to avoid. You cannot rent an apartment, get a credit card, buy a car or home; and in some instances, get a job without a company digging into your personal credit.

Since credit scores have practically become unavoidable you may as well deal with them and make an effort to improve them.

Here are a few links on how to get a better credit score:


Two of the biggest mistakes consumers make in managing a bank account are excessive overdrafts and leaving a bank account in a negative status. Banks report consumer banking habits to Chexsystems. The bank has several ways they can report an account to Chexsystems but the most common are account abuse or account fraud. Fraud is the worst notation a bank can make in a consumer’s Chexsystems report.

Negative items can stay in Chexsystems for 5 years. During that time it can be difficult to get a new bank account, even if the item has been paid. The bank may report you and sell the account to a collection agency causing you to not only have a Chexsystems record but also a negative item on your credit report for up to 7 years.

Here are a few links on Chexsystems and getting a new bank account:

Other Can’t Miss Items

And lastly, here are 3 pages on the website that will knock your socks off! Okay, maybe not but they are good resources and full of information that will enlighten you.

My Resource Page is where you will find additional resources, tools and services to help you achieve your financial goals and save time and money. It’s a one-stop resource for almost all things financial.

Questions and Answers has become the most popular category. This is where you can ask a credit question and I will personally attempt to answer it. If I cannot answer your question I will try to point you to someone who can.

How-to-Guides is a great way to get the steps to take to solve a credit issue or get a quick solution. It is a one-stop resource for rebuilding credit topics, managing debt and getting new credit.