What is an electronic transfer account

electronic transfer account

what is electronic transfer account,etaElectronic Transfer Accounts (ETA) was designed by the U.S. Treasury Department as an alternative to checking cashing facilities.

An electronic transfer account can be used similar to a regular checking account, with the exception of check writing. It can be opened even if you are in Chexsystems. If you receive a federal benefit, wage, salary, or retirement benefit, you can open an Electronic Transfer Account (ETA).

ETA is a new type of bank account that lets you receive your federal government payments electronically through direct deposit. The cost is $3.00 or less for the direct deposit and you can make a  minimum of four cash withdrawals and four balance inquiries per month.

Aside from the fact there are no check writing privileges, the electronic transfer account can be used just like a regular checking account. It comes with a debit card wihch can be used for common transactions including electronic bill payment.

Check with your local bank to see if it offers this service and to learn what the specific requirements are to open an ETA account.  You can also visit the ETA website to see if there is a bank in your area: https://www.eta-find.gov/

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