Where to start credit repair when you have many negative items

where to start credit repair

where to start credit repairQuestion: My now fiancé went through a divorce a couple years ago.  He is a livestock hauler that spent the majority of his marriage letting his “then” wife handle his bills.  After moving on his own he changed his address and began receiving debt collection letters on items he had no clue of.

I suggested he obtain his credit report and big surprise he had several negative items on it. Medical bills that had not been paid in years and credit cards he had no idea existed as well as a name on his report that was his first name paired with the last name of his now ex-wife’s 1st husband.

He started the disputing process but has no idea where to go from there a lot has been removed but still a lot of negative items and confused if he should ask the original debtors to verify before dealing with the collection agencies.

Also there is a vehicle loan that was paid as agreed until the month he moved out.  As soon as he moved she quit paying on the vehicle and eventually traded it but still left a negative mark on his records.

We’re just not really sure where to start in this process of clean up because he has no information concerning any of this debt except the medical bills and his vague memory of being at the doctor at these times.  He has asked his ex wife for any documentation on the credit cards and she plays stupid.

Funny he has a Von Maur card he has never before seen or used and doesn’t even shop there. If you could answer my questions and give me some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer: Credit repair involves many strategies depending on the type of information on your credit report. I suggest you first read “How to Repair Credit”. It is a do-it-yourself overview of the credit repair process.

You will learn what works for one negative item may not work for another negative item. The credit dispute process can take place on several different levels, including but not limited to the credit bureau, original creditor, collection agency, and the furnisher of information.

While engaging in credit repair you must familiarize yourself with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These consumer laws hold the key for many credit strategies.

Once you familiarize yourself with the consumer laws you will better understand how to dispute negative credit and how to deal with collection agencies. In the article “How to Dispute Negative Credit” there are specific dispute How-To’s on several common credit repair issues. The information is available and I can only suggest you take the time to read it.

Credit repair is not an overnight, one-size-fits-all process. As you have experienced, some items will drop off on the first attempt, without much work. And, other items will be tougher to remove from your credit report.

When there are many tough credit repair issues to tackle, you may want to consider seeking professional credit repair assistance. Lexington Law has over 20 years experience. They will pull your credit report and go over the negative items which they can remove.

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